Ozzy Osbourne - Straight to Hell (Official Music Video)

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Alright now
C’mon now
You’re flying higher than a kite tonight
You’ve took the hit and now you feel alright
You’re dance be death so we must celebrate
I’ll make you scream
I’ll make you defecate
Straight to Hell tonight
We’re going straight to hell
Straight to Hell tonight
I’ll make you lie
I’ll make you steal and kill
I’ll make you crawl until your final thrill
enjoy the ride I’ll plant my bitter seed
You’ll kill yourself and I will watch you bleed
Straight to Hell tonight
We’re going straight to hell
Straight to Hell tonight
Straight to Hell tonight
We’re going straight to hell
Straight to Hell tonight
Something is missing
And you don’t know why
Deeper in the darkness
You will hide
Alright now
Alright now
Straight to Hell tonight
We’re going straight to hell
Straight to Hell tonight
Straight to Hell tonight
We’re going straight to hell
Straight to Hell tonight
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Squash Banana
Squash Banana 10 часов назад
I like crazy train better the old stuff
Richard Anderson
Richard Anderson День назад
BAT BOY I went to Feldman's video and he can't hold a Black Candle to Ozzie,so there 👿 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♿ 🇺🇸
Shane persons
Shane persons День назад
_lecso15_ День назад
Pince of darkness ❤️❤️
Hoofler День назад
I'm not afraid of Hell...I'm afraid that there isn't one.
Merry Melissa
Merry Melissa День назад
I wish Ozzy can just say hi to me someday, it would be the best thing that ever happened to me and that would also be greatest birthday gift in the whole world 🌎!!!!!!!!! I love him so much and he won’t be missed at all. I just want to say hi to @Ozzy Osbourne and he is AWESOME 🤩. The only thing that I would like on my birthday that is coming up is hearing back from Ozzy Osbourne just one day and just once it would mean the world to me when I hear from him and I am only 15 years old going to be 16 soon and I love his music so much that it will never leave. I hope everyone that sees my comment I hope you all have a good day and be safe.
xXx_GamerMetalhead69 2 дня назад
Damn those guys look so cool Especially that bearded guy with a chainsaw and that girl with spiked mace
Keegan День назад
Thats what rioters think they look like when theyre really just punks with bricks and pants hanging below their ass
Max Vogan
Max Vogan 4 дня назад
BLM and ANTIFA haha
crookedfig 4 дня назад
He nailed that one..ozman cometh
Denisa Jonášová
Denisa Jonášová 4 дня назад
Ozzy is the King of Metal
Leszek Szczygieł
Leszek Szczygieł 5 дней назад
Satan is real c:
スースズキ 5 дней назад
Ernest Moran
Ernest Moran 6 дней назад
Ozzy rot in hll
Cara Mason
Cara Mason 6 дней назад
So good to see Ozzy 😊👍
Fayth 6 дней назад
Colombia be like
Lattitude Adjustment Videos
Lattitude Adjustment Videos 7 дней назад
Is art imitating life...or art imitating life? I have my opinion. What's yours?
kyle adair
kyle adair 7 дней назад
So he new the future of Portland Oregon
cameron Goodrich
cameron Goodrich 8 дней назад
This song is cool 😎
Aslhax 8 дней назад
This man is a national treasure
Elusive Beast Clothing
Elusive Beast Clothing 8 дней назад
Believe in Allah and follow Muhammad peace be upon him and you will br safe from hellfire by the will of Allah
FRIDGE FRIES the brother of FRIDGE NUGGETS 9 дней назад
Emperor palpatine is Ozzy osbourne confirmed.
Gingernator_X 10 дней назад
TBH the new D&D game brought me here
Rafael Domingus
Rafael Domingus 11 дней назад
Viktorius 14
Viktorius 14 11 дней назад
Ш- Шикааарно
Ana Karen
Ana Karen 11 дней назад
Ozzy osbourne predijo el 2021 para Colombia.
MetalLion 07
MetalLion 07 11 дней назад
Ozzy Instigating violence and making money,. Sharon Osbourne is a gready evil person in disguise.
꧁z3r0 ꧂
꧁z3r0 ꧂ 11 дней назад
Se que este video salio hace 1 año pero lo extrañaba :"u
Dithi 11 дней назад
2:52 total meltdown (barrle of the gun)
Levitate8 11 дней назад
He looks like palpitine
Steve W
Steve W 12 дней назад
each birthday is one day closer straight to hell tonight
Alex Petters
Alex Petters 12 дней назад
Proving that he still has what it takes to prove them haters from the past and present wrong!
Nikker 12 дней назад
Satan will give you all the powers you want. Hence his singing
Headwork 13 дней назад
Иван Иванов
Иван Иванов 13 дней назад
Russia Putin - USA HARD
Steven Padilla
Steven Padilla 13 дней назад
Imagine driving late at night on the freeway, while listening to this song and suddenly the freeway you always drive, suddenly descends into the depths of Hell
Steven Padilla
Steven Padilla 13 дней назад
So fucking bad ass. love his facial expressions when he sings. Pure evil!!!
S S 13 дней назад
It's useless Ozzy, you're a good person and a beautiful musician. You believe in family before fame, you have loved Sharon through thick and thin.... you're not going to hell :P
Sota Steelwing
Sota Steelwing 9 дней назад
Yep. He going to the realm of metal.
S S 13 дней назад
THis reminds me of when I watched the last videos from Bowie's last album.... He knows he hasn't got much time left..
Robin The SkyrimLord [NLD]
Robin The SkyrimLord [NLD] 14 дней назад
Welcome in 2021 the hell on earth this is really happening right now men.
Hickory45acp 9 дней назад
You could see Portland in the background. Antifa's and BLM's playground
Цалер !'_'!
Цалер !'_'! 14 дней назад
Alright now, master of reality!
The Doom Slayer
The Doom Slayer 15 дней назад
literally just doom in a nutshell
pierpaolo trevisan
pierpaolo trevisan 15 дней назад
Ozzy sei il mio dio
Tri Umphant
Tri Umphant 16 дней назад
if there was a god, I'D KILL IT
Nicodemus 16 дней назад
Sorry Ozzy I'm going with Jesus to heaven. God bless! I love you all!
James Murray
James Murray 16 дней назад
This is terrible.
1231231232972 9 дней назад
no, just another peaceful protest somewhere
Steven steven
Steven steven 18 дней назад
Me to ozzy osbourne .
Hannah Eakin
Hannah Eakin 18 дней назад
Ozzy will never die. I mean he's been 70 for like 46 years
C Ray Vs the Internet
C Ray Vs the Internet 18 дней назад
When y’all get to hell, y’all ain’t gon like it! 😞
C Ray Vs the Internet
C Ray Vs the Internet 12 дней назад
@Bird The Bear hope u enjoy meeting him
Bird The Bear
Bird The Bear 13 дней назад
Honestly Satan seems pretty chill
mayen67 18 дней назад
This is awesome. Is this a recent song?
yayayaokoksure 19 дней назад
It's strange because to me it's apparent Ozzy is usually talking shit about evil. Not promoting it. But no one seems to notice.
Arch's Emeritus Bc.
Arch's Emeritus Bc. 20 дней назад
Anti Cristo Rakista
Roman Sound
Roman Sound 20 дней назад
Ozzy we love you in Russia)
Gemma 21 день назад
9.1k dislikes wtf this is an awesome song!!!!!
El 22 дня назад
2020 riots and also i was u for hallwoeen last year ozzy! i love u so much and u inspire me so much
Harley Rider
Harley Rider 22 дня назад
There is a Heaven to gain and a Hell to shun. Hell is a real place of eternal torment where the worm does not die nor is the fire quenched. Whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord Jesus Christ shall be saved.
Yiannis Hayabusa
Yiannis Hayabusa 22 дня назад
OZZY THANK YOU VERY MUCH ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! THANK YOU ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Yiannis Hayabusa
Yiannis Hayabusa 22 дня назад
WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW ! ! ! ! ! ! ! AWESOME ! ! ! ! ! ! ! AMAZING ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! FANTASTIC ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
uMAD dotCOM 22 дня назад
I just want to burn it all down right now. Burn the whole damn thing down.
hobo joe
hobo joe 23 дня назад
*George Floyd riots flashback intensifies*
Cam Bryan
Cam Bryan 24 дня назад
America is dying. Music sucks. The economy is shit. Russia is threatening war. Kim Jong UN is shooting bottle rockets in the ocean. A stupid bat virus is tearing us apart. But on the other hand Ozzy is still making music.......
Vladimir Bazan
Vladimir Bazan 24 дня назад
If you’re a satanist why wear the crosses? I’m confused.. If you’re going straight to hell why support Jesus Christ in any way?
Scott Elgin
Scott Elgin 4 дня назад
@Vladimir Bazan ah gotcha, nope I don't know Ozzy, wish I did
Vladimir Bazan
Vladimir Bazan 4 дня назад
@Scott Elgin I didn’t say that lol I was just asking because the way you defend him is like you know him personally but I see now that you don’t know him personally and that’s all I was asking.
Scott Elgin
Scott Elgin 4 дня назад
@Vladimir Bazan oh so because I like the singer doesn't mean I can't defend him? Got it
Vladimir Bazan
Vladimir Bazan 4 дня назад
@Scott Elgin lol I said it earlier I’m not judging or condemning him. I am no one to do so. I’m just pointing out the obvious.. but tell me something my dude. When did you and Ozzy become best friends? Because the way you defend him seems to me like you have a personal relationship with him.
Scott Elgin
Scott Elgin 4 дня назад
@Vladimir Bazan right, so tell me...When did you become God? Because last I checked we as humans aren't supposed to Judge others so tell me...when didn you become God?
Millaz77 CJonsson
Millaz77 CJonsson 25 дней назад
Ahh, Hi from d&d dark alliance trailer
NJC ComiX 25 дней назад
Caitlin Michaud
Caitlin Michaud 25 дней назад
I saw ozzy in concert when I was 8 and it was the best show I have ever seen
DrGarlandButcher GreenMuriettluver
DrGarlandButcher GreenMuriettluver 26 дней назад
OZZY HELDADDY children im back grave your harron invite hell boone ozzy jump next station hell 666 stationsee devil happy OZZY REACHED HARRON LORD VADER BAT LEVEL STAY FUCKING CRAZY OZZY WE LOVE YOU BATKING aron boon XOXO
Katelynn Hanesack
Katelynn Hanesack 26 дней назад
Hi 👋👋👋
Zeus 26 дней назад
Damm slash playing metal .
flavia mota
flavia mota 28 дней назад
Katherine Martinez
Katherine Martinez 28 дней назад
Because I had to discover Black Sabbath and Ozzy so late, that hurts :). But this masterpiece deserves many more views, I think we should reproduce it more often❤️
B.J. Roes
B.J. Roes 28 дней назад
The new D&D game brought me here
Blake 29 дней назад
He said it himself I'll Play rock till I'm dead. Laid a path of the industry today.
Guisella Peredo
Guisella Peredo Месяц назад
Siempre me gusto Ozzy pero desde que vi este video déjenme decirles que es idéntico a mi abuela... si la cara...
Ilja dread
Ilja dread Месяц назад
fish rots from the head
Thirtyone Wrecking
Thirtyone Wrecking Месяц назад
I'm thinking Mick Mars driving thru France Yellow Vest protest
Anthony farmer
Anthony farmer Месяц назад
He is awesome
Anthony farmer
Anthony farmer Месяц назад
Love you ozzy
Brainflayer Месяц назад
I want this played at my funeral and cremation.
We keep it 100
We keep it 100 Месяц назад
Ikd how ozzy isn't dead from the shit he did but it'll be a sad fucking day when he's gone
missy marie
missy marie Месяц назад
Been listening to Ozzy since i was 16 and now i am over 50 .Still my go to guy and music !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wish artists of today are this talented
Zedric Romero
Zedric Romero Месяц назад
DethOfDrgnz Месяц назад
This is a big letdown. The last real good Ozzy album was No More Tears. Every album since then has been pretty bad with a couple good tracks but mostly bad filler songs. This song sounds like a bad Black Sabbath b side. I like Ozzys solo stuff more then Black Sabbath. Sabbath stuff is still awesome but there is alot of Sabbath stuff that is slowed paced and doom metal sounding and more on atmosphere then catchy songs. I like Ozzy solo stuff a bit more because it's more high tempo energetic metal. The last few albums have very much been trying to sound too Sabbath like, slow and doomy without the catchy riffs/melodies. What happened to the Ozzy that always had killer riffs on every album :(
Cristian Guglia
Cristian Guglia Месяц назад
Andrew LaBuy
Andrew LaBuy Месяц назад
Didn't know Palpatine could sing, lol
John Augusto
John Augusto Месяц назад
John Augusto
John Augusto Месяц назад
ILovePizza Месяц назад
I played this at my church, now I don’t have to wake up early af anymore ... win win
robert e lee
robert e lee 20 часов назад
Archvain Rose
Archvain Rose Месяц назад
Why does the intro remind me so damn much about power ranges zeo?
Олесандра Александрова
Олесандра Александрова Месяц назад
He is truly one of the greatest
Nelsy López
Nelsy López Месяц назад
No sé xq es famoso, tal vez xser un estúpido matando al disparar a aves y gatos. Infeliz!!
Dr Johnson
Dr Johnson Месяц назад
to aII addicts, or normies that don't understand addiction, this is our anthem - unfortunate or otherwise. & this vdo is shit.
bob proctor
bob proctor Месяц назад
ZenChiTV Месяц назад
Jesus is King 👑
ZenChiTV Месяц назад
Jesus can save you from hell
ZenChiTV Месяц назад
Hell is a very real place!
black monkey
black monkey Месяц назад
1:45 you see syd wilson
The magic K
The magic K Месяц назад
Yeah right 😂
emo angel sinner
emo angel sinner Месяц назад
Ozzy still got it. 🔥
adam mccardle
adam mccardle Месяц назад
Has he written a song about meth and h?
Mike Месяц назад
Fuvk yeah! You're still the madman! Go team OZZY!
Louis Darnel Redmond
Louis Darnel Redmond Месяц назад
This the world around us now .
SONNYBOY14 Месяц назад
Ozzy give me your strength.
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