Ozzy Osbourne - Ordinary Man (Audio) ft. Elton John

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I was unprepared for fame
Then everybody knew my name
No more lonely nights it’s all for you
I have traveled many miles
I’ve seen tears and I’ve seen smiles
Just remember that it’s all for you
Don’t forget me as the colors fade
When the lights go down it’s just an empty stage
Yes I’ve been a bad guy
Been higher than the blue sky
And the truth is I don’t wanna die an ordinary man
I made momma cry
Don’t know why I’m still alive
Yes the truth is I don’t wanna die an ordinary man
Many times I lost control
They tried to kill my rock n roll
Just remember I’m still here for you
I don’t wanna say goodbye
When I do you’ll be alright
After all I did it all for you
Don’t forget me as the colors fade
When the lights go down it’s just an empty stage
Yes I’ve been a bad guy
Been higher than the blue sky
And the truth is I don’t wanna die an ordinary man
I made momma cry
Don’t know why I’m still alive
Yes the truth is I don’t wanna die an ordinary man
Yes I’ve been a bad guy
Been higher than the blue sky
And the truth is I don’t wanna die an ordinary man
I made momma cry
Don’t know why I’m still alive
Yes the truth is I don’t wanna die an ordinary man
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Jessica Terry
Jessica Terry 15 часов назад
He always a legeng to me lol. Still think he hot at his age. My grandkids love him as well. Thwy young
Sebastián Visñovezky
Sebastián Visñovezky 4 дня назад
Dan the man
Dan the man 4 дня назад
beautiful song
Blackie Fitzpatrick
Blackie Fitzpatrick 5 дней назад
Heavy Metal Gamer
Heavy Metal Gamer 5 дней назад
Love Ozzy so much this song kills me. 💖🤘
Adam NC
Adam NC 8 дней назад
Ozzy is extraordinary. That will never change.
MercilessTide 8 дней назад
"I don't wanna say goodbye, when I do, you'll be alright" I don't think we will Ozzy, it's going to fucking kill us.
THE LIONHEART 8 дней назад
Alexandr Rybalov
Alexandr Rybalov 9 дней назад
Хорошая песня(люблю Оззи),Великое соло(Обожаю Слеша) В соло есть гениальные ходы,это и флешбек с Новембер Рэйн и другие
Alexandr Rybalov
Alexandr Rybalov 9 дней назад
Оззи Осборн Великий вокалист,Сол Хадсон(Слеш) Великий гитарист ,крутое соло,что может быть лучше?Тем более у меня есть возможность слушать эту музыку
oddy.pxmxjin 12 дней назад
Charlie Stafford
Charlie Stafford 13 дней назад
ozzy osbourne is no less than a god and always will be in my eyes
sesilia gianari
sesilia gianari 15 дней назад
Joel Asher
Joel Asher 16 дней назад
I can't forget rocket man and The iron man
Amber _ Wood
Amber _ Wood 16 дней назад
This song make me cry now because it reminds me of my dad he passed away on July 1,2020 and I know he don’t want to leave
Marie-michèle Paquet
Marie-michèle Paquet 18 дней назад
Marie-michèle Paquet
Marie-michèle Paquet 18 дней назад
Marie-michèle Paquet
Marie-michèle Paquet 18 дней назад
Marie-michèle Paquet
Marie-michèle Paquet 18 дней назад
I Never thogth i was bad but your song make me see what i was realy just an ordinay man with no heart
Linda Morgan
Linda Morgan 20 дней назад
Love you Ozzy ♥️
Alp Özer
Alp Özer 22 дня назад
Ozzy is the steven hawkins of rock
Puddle Maker
Puddle Maker 23 дня назад
Ozzy ... thankyou .... for wanting to continue on after you lost your *brother* I am sure the two of you would of made some crazy music together, yet in his death brought you full circle ... your life... your wife.. children ... your music... thank you Ozzy for sharing your world.. your life with your craziest fans... *smiles
Hachi 23 дня назад
This album sounds like a farewell, and it haunts me.
slash H
slash H 23 дня назад
That's the first day I discover this amazing song and I've listen it all the day. For be short today I learn...
Cam Bryan
Cam Bryan 24 дня назад
Legends live forever. I don't care if I have to listen to music on a walkman, an mp3 player. Fuck I will write it down on paper and sing it in my head. Music will be the closest thing we'll ever have to a time machine. Some day it may be the only thing we have left. This is Ozzy Osbournes goodbye. He didn't just start making music again for no reason. Those of you that got to enjoy him as a teen in the 70s, don't be sad. You can go to your grave knowing that you truly lived. Not just survived like we have to nowadays, but actually got to LIVE in the best generation that ever exsisted.
Corey Mullins
Corey Mullins 27 дней назад
Timeless song
Corey Mullins
Corey Mullins 27 дней назад
Not ordinary.. iconic rock on Ozzy
Angel007 Acuña
Angel007 Acuña Месяц назад
No te vayas, ya es suficiente con Eddie VH :(
Antonia Valenzuela
Antonia Valenzuela Месяц назад
Muy buen tema
Jens Ways Jennifer Ferguson
Jens Ways Jennifer Ferguson Месяц назад
He'll never be...ordinary
MarkoRollo Месяц назад
Don't wanna die an ordinary man, I'm pretty sure Ozzy won't be doing that.....
Ashley Jeffers
Ashley Jeffers Месяц назад
Love it
Corey Mullins
Corey Mullins Месяц назад
Ozzy is such a special person.. his music is just one thing he's given us...
Franco Specchia
Franco Specchia Месяц назад
deVillesh Месяц назад
I really love this man. He is such a soft hearted guy and the prince of darkness.
Маша Борбосик
Маша Борбосик Месяц назад
Маша Борбосик
Маша Борбосик Месяц назад
hazar çil
hazar çil Месяц назад
Aşık olduğum kız bu şarkıyı çok seviyor arkadaşlar
Ryuji Месяц назад
Ozzy's immortality is illustrated by his masterpieces.
L A B I B A A N J A B I N Месяц назад
who the hell are these people that disliked??!! Are they even humans?
Doug Bushey
Doug Bushey Месяц назад
I think this song is ozzy's way of coming to terms with his own mortality
Cara Mason
Cara Mason Месяц назад
Absolutely beautiful 🌹🎶🌹🎶🌹🎶
BARRY HUNT Месяц назад
Tubbs_Above Месяц назад
If only freddie was alive to be in this song
Guntis Brencāns
Guntis Brencāns Месяц назад
My fiend like:) I like NIRVANA!!!
Guntis Brencāns
Guntis Brencāns Месяц назад
I like!!!
Drop Kick Murphy00
Drop Kick Murphy00 Месяц назад
We need a video of this with both of them. And a ton of fire and a red piano ;)
Lori Smith
Lori Smith Месяц назад
I dont even got to have the song I can. Just sing it
Lori Smith
Lori Smith Месяц назад
I am a dig fan
lone nitz
lone nitz Месяц назад
nice song ozzy still go strong :-)
timmy elswick
timmy elswick Месяц назад
he was a great artis then +now been look at his music for 50 plus.rocik on oz..
Adriana Rezende de Oliveira
Adriana Rezende de Oliveira Месяц назад
Wonderful, the lyrics are all good. I can't get enough of listening ... thank you always ... OZZY OSBOURNE ...
Giovanni Piña
Giovanni Piña Месяц назад
Nobody loves me I might just die *everybody thinks I’m a joke*
Natacha Mertz
Natacha Mertz Месяц назад
magnifique émotion
Avery Namath
Avery Namath Месяц назад
it breaks my heart that he's worried about dying ordinary. he's the least ordinary person in the world, and he's loved so much by me and millions and millions of other people around the world
Douglas Childers
Douglas Childers Месяц назад
I love u i z you been a big motivation in my life I was born with Cerebral Palsy and everytime I listen to your music it's real and it shows me that you can do whatever you need to do I love u i z
Nickolas Faz
Nickolas Faz Месяц назад
He's not gone yet folks! Long Live Ozzy!
Kannan Babu
Kannan Babu Месяц назад
Yes it's right.The best comes out when the heart swells.
Yamy Music
Yamy Music Месяц назад
Had Tickets for his Show in Mannheim 2011 was the happiest guy on earth because he toured with black label society but After the bls concert there was an awfully long break then tue Manager came in Stage and told us ozzy cant play the Show tonight due to a throatillnes this was others the saddest and happiest day of my life... because since then i Had no Chancen to See him life again due to my work and money problems honestly i am jealous to every one Who saw him live atleast once. He will always be my hero thanks for all ozzy and thanks for metal. Long live the ordinary man
Simona Stachetti
Simona Stachetti 2 месяца назад
BigSlicks2004 2 месяца назад
disregarding you
Nathaniel Sesler
Nathaniel Sesler 2 месяца назад
Man this song is deep.
Widetip 2 месяца назад
After a year I just want to tell this legend of a man that he will NOT die an ordinary man
GYD 2 месяца назад
I swear to GOD, Lord Jesus Christ; I've listened intensely, watched immensely plus deeply felt the music of Ozzy Osbourne all my life. It's great warrior music. Just like Black Sabbath. 13. All of it. Ozzy. Every band he's ever had. Truth, is. Ozzy will never die an Ordinary Man. Never. Cause he'll drop ya right there where ya stand. To your grave. Or, maybe. Just maybe. Ozzy will take you to great heights you never been. True. Listen-up. Then, you'll know too. Ozzy RULES
LISA Taylor
LISA Taylor 2 месяца назад
I live in pain an its all for u I'm just ordinary live for u and Don't forget me lol I love the blue skies 💙 we r together 💙
Biggi 2 месяца назад
Zakk und Ozzy ❤❤
Fred Boompants
Fred Boompants 2 месяца назад
This songs been in my head for weeks .
Paul AllPro
Paul AllPro 2 месяца назад
Henry Morin
Henry Morin 2 месяца назад
going to miss this guy..my entire live revovled around his music......
Eric Gerhart
Eric Gerhart 2 месяца назад
This guy is a true legend has helped me through a lot and then this song came out and it just brings tears to my eyes wondering if my life was worth all the turmoil I put myself threw to help others so they think more of me or won't forget the man I am thank you ozzy for all u have done
Bryce Moorman
Bryce Moorman 2 месяца назад
You know that feeling you get after a huge storm happens and then the sun comes out? That’s what this song feels like.
Bryce Moorman
Bryce Moorman 2 месяца назад
A song doesn’t have to be heavy to be heavy (emotionally)
Renee Santiago
Renee Santiago 2 месяца назад
Bad singing
Luis Perez
Luis Perez 2 месяца назад
Sorry? Are you serious?
Felix Rodriguez
Felix Rodriguez 2 месяца назад
It's almost like Ozzy can't do anything wrong. Godspeed Ozzy!
valmir junior
valmir junior 2 месяца назад
a vida é foda
Knunya Beasewhacks
Knunya Beasewhacks 2 месяца назад
Kinda gay.
Vanilla Champagne
Vanilla Champagne 2 месяца назад
Thanks Ozzy.
JapaNate 2 месяца назад
Love you Ozzy 🤘🙂🖤
Kangas1971 2 месяца назад
Been an Ozzy fan since the early 80's when I first heard him. The great thing about Ozzy is he goes way farther back than early 80's, the true Prince of Darkness. BUT....It hit me while looking at this album cover...where is this taken? It really looks like southeast Alaska.....is it? *ponder*
Andrew Clark
Andrew Clark 2 месяца назад
Clayton Wilson
Clayton Wilson 2 месяца назад
I can feel the pain in your heart
AmericanMetalhead100 2 месяца назад
He won't be remembered as an ordinary man. He'll be remembered as the Prince of Darkness.
Ben Franklin
Ben Franklin 2 месяца назад
Ozzy is the king of rock an always will be.
John Weese
John Weese 2 месяца назад
same thing with me
Yo Soy James
Yo Soy James 2 месяца назад
Nico Boily
Nico Boily 2 месяца назад
lufc_Jamie 2 месяца назад
Sharonnnnnnnnn lol
Garrett kidd
Garrett kidd 2 месяца назад
Ozzy Osbourne i love your fucking music
Larry Milburn
Larry Milburn 2 месяца назад
If you dont want to die an ordinary man then give your life to Jesus. The devils hell wont respect you and surely wont be a place you want to be, yet Jesus says all who confess Me as Lord shall be saved. I pray you find Jesus as your savior before it's to late. Jesus loves you
Andrea Lawrence
Andrea Lawrence 2 месяца назад
Lou Orlando
Lou Orlando 3 месяца назад
matthew gilbert
matthew gilbert 3 месяца назад
i don't want to die as a ordinary man
Cheryl McDonnel
Cheryl McDonnel 3 месяца назад
Oh god so special song reminds me of my father Thankyou ozzy
Adam Shellard
Adam Shellard 3 месяца назад
This is hard to listen too knowing he's writing about himself fighting his illness.
Dillon Joseph lee Costanzo
Dillon Joseph lee Costanzo 3 месяца назад
God help us all
robin2012ism 3 месяца назад
a Lennonish open. love this.
Switch Back Image
Switch Back Image 3 месяца назад
He will be playing a special gig tomorrow, my uncle's funeral services. 😇 angels love @OzzyOsbourne too!
Switch Back Image
Switch Back Image 2 месяца назад
@Anthony Espinoza yes, funeral director agreed, & most of my uncles have also played,the see you on the other side TRACK FROM OZZY, Angels loved OZZY TOO!
Anthony Espinoza
Anthony Espinoza 2 месяца назад
Azlan Idris
Azlan Idris 3 месяца назад
He’s ordinary when in high.
the mystery
the mystery 3 месяца назад
i love this song
pubg lite
pubg lite 3 месяца назад
I m much lucky I hear Ozzy's and he is still with us.
AndreasLychéé 3 месяца назад
Ozzy the Godfather of Metal 🤘
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