Ozzy Osbourne - Ordinary Man (Official Music Video) ft. Elton John

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"Ordinary Man" available at: OZZY.lnk.to/OrdinaryMan
Director: Stephen Lee Carr
Producers: Sharon Osbourne, Jack Osbourne, Peter Glowski, R. Greg Johnston, Stephen Lee Carr
Production Company: Lesson 5 Entertainment, Inc.
Follow Ozzy Osbourne:
Facebook: ozzyosbourne
Instagram: ozzyosbourne
Twitter: ozzyosbourne
Website: www.ozzy.com
Spotify: bit.ly/ozzyosbournespotify
RUlosk: rulosk.info
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Jesus Christ H.I.M
Jesus Christ H.I.M 18 минут назад
This is a good song
Jesus Christ H.I.M
Jesus Christ H.I.M 18 минут назад
Azeem Mir wants to be just like you
Neelam Yade
Neelam Yade Час назад
Me Час назад
May I be the first to say... The Prince of Darkness is one of the brightest lights in the world. He is an ordinary man and an extraordinary man. If anyone thinks his life hasn't been rough.. well.. live in your bubble. When the brightest lights of the stage are turned of the arena is very dark most of the time. You've gotta listen to his words. Yeah yeah.
skyler jepson
skyler jepson Час назад
I really hope this song is just a song and is not a sign of things soon to come we love you Ozzy.......forever.
patricia hautchie
patricia hautchie 4 часа назад
i have listened to Ozzy since i was a kid ..here's to the greatest rock artist ever..there will be no other!!!
patricia hautchie
patricia hautchie 4 часа назад
I love u Ozzy ..thank u for so many years of rock
Mike Pineda
Mike Pineda 8 часов назад
Ozzy is the king
Shane Brasher
Shane Brasher 19 часов назад
Being a recovering addict this song guys to hard for me to handle
Joyce Any
Joyce Any День назад
eu amo essa música
Metal Christ Legendas
Metal Christ Legendas День назад
por favor Ozzy, viva para sempre 😭😭😭
Dani Ham
Dani Ham День назад
I love this video it makes me cry lol ozzy is such an interesting guy to me
Veronica Simonini
Veronica Simonini 2 дня назад
I'm crying... Amazing video. 😉 😘 😘
Veronica Simonini
Veronica Simonini 2 дня назад
I love you 💗
Kelly Clayton
Kelly Clayton 2 дня назад
Omg I can't stop crying...this is a beautiful song. God Bless you Ozzy. You are amazing.
Ginger Pardieck
Ginger Pardieck 2 дня назад
God Bless him.
Randy Foley
Randy Foley 2 дня назад
Dude is sober proud of him I no his pain when u ask not to be awaked next day 2 for 1 take 1 n 2 all day still waiting on 3
Eneko Larrakoetxea
Eneko Larrakoetxea 2 дня назад
Braiden Smith
Braiden Smith 3 дня назад
Real men cried watching this video
Jacquelina 3 дня назад
WINH4X 4 дня назад
Iron Man and Rocket Man.
Siam Jubayer
Siam Jubayer 4 дня назад
You won't bud, You won't ...
tracy hurst
tracy hurst 4 дня назад
There is nothing ordinary about you! I love you ❤️
Cj Smoot
Cj Smoot 5 дней назад
He's saying goodbye to himself randy and his fans
fgabba 5 дней назад
Having been living in Brum I had goosebumps seeing those paintings in Winsor green, Aston and all over the city ! Loved this video !
Denisa Jonášová
Denisa Jonášová 5 дней назад
Why is it sooo saaad 😭😭😭😭
Jason Allyn
Jason Allyn 6 дней назад
I just want to say thank you.. Without you, from the age of 8, I would have been all alone. I thought only my squirrels got that far out on narrow branches. Cried with you when Randy died. Some more good things came though, but then came Zak Wyld. What followed was epic. What a combination. And now, this new album drops when I was praying you didn't drop, and its so sooo good. I wonder how long you've been saving those, just unbelieveable.. And hey, I saw the other night. I just, I was in shock for a bit. Speechless. Thank you, I wont ever forget that.
Tippi Gordon
Tippi Gordon 6 дней назад
This was surprisingly poignant.
Carrie Froman
Carrie Froman 7 дней назад
Beautiful man, life happens.I am warmed.
Carrie Froman
Carrie Froman 7 дней назад
and I miss Sharon on the Talk... don't even watch it anymore... take care of each other.
Alan Korosko
Alan Korosko 7 дней назад
Been listening to Ozzy since 1975 not an emotional dude but this one choke you up a little bit man
Para Noid
Para Noid 7 дней назад
I fucking loveeee ozzy!!!!
Lisa Rudolph
Lisa Rudolph 7 дней назад
Me either nomatter what it is ur you im me
nevo inbar
nevo inbar 8 дней назад
Ozzy will never die an ordinary man He left his mark on history And that mark will stay for a very long time For he is non other than the legend ,nay The crazy bastard ozzy osborn Don't worry Even after you'll die the world will never forget you
Steve Rider
Steve Rider 8 дней назад
ozzy knew he was going to die thats why he wanted to do the song the elton john
Jake Nickolas
Jake Nickolas 8 дней назад
Long live Ozzy Osbourne
Agnieszka Secomska
Agnieszka Secomska 8 дней назад
Amazing, my idols, love music metal and love ozzego georgus
Alp Özer
Alp Özer 8 дней назад
Axels answer to this ballad is November rain.
Twopain Arsa
Twopain Arsa 9 дней назад
Ozzy very good, Ozzy you are legend of Rock \m/
THE LIONHEART 9 дней назад
Arkavius Gaming
Arkavius Gaming 9 дней назад
Your a legend Ozzy
Kevin Hernandez
Kevin Hernandez 9 дней назад
When this song first came out it almost brought me to tears, but when the video came out and Randy Rhodes came up, I broke down.
Carrie Froman
Carrie Froman 9 дней назад
PennWolf's Sailing Adventures
PennWolf's Sailing Adventures 9 дней назад
The funniest part of life,unless you don't go,see,and do NONE of us die an ordinary man.
C N Kano
C N Kano 10 дней назад
This must be one of the most touching videos there is. Maybe more for us, older fans. Im over 50 now and I was a very young girl when I bought the first BS album. Seeing Ozzy watching his life passing before his eyes kinda makes us do the same, about his life, we followed, and our own. I get tearful every time i watch it.
Pekka Räty
Pekka Räty 10 дней назад
Mick Crocodile Dundee
Mick Crocodile Dundee 11 дней назад
Ozzy and Elton!!?? Brought me to tears
Tim Tharp
Tim Tharp 11 дней назад
There will be no end to the true heart off Ozzy Osbourne. The life and still posed man and family will be forever. He has changed his views on life it's outcomes ramifications. I believe this is his way to give his family what he was, is now and will be so astronomical capable in the life to be. Thank you Ozzy Osbourne for your wonderful transformation in giving you, your family and your past accomplishments to the support of ur children on most and foremost to your so forgiving wife Mrs Osbourne. GOD speed my friend. May you rock and roll forever.
Uncle Creepy
Uncle Creepy 11 дней назад
We cannot let anything happen to Ozzy. We cannot let him die. I cannot begin to fathom the emptiness my heavy metal world will be knowing that he doesn't exist anymore.
Tim Isaacs
Tim Isaacs 11 дней назад
This song hits home on so many levels! I didn't ease up on the throttle until I lost my youngest son! We are all just people trying to survive the life we created!
DragonFrost 11 дней назад
This seems like a sadder version of November rain😢
Cubey1091 12 дней назад
ozzy was a peaky fucking bloinder?
Debra Richards Jones
Debra Richards Jones 12 дней назад
How do people not like this song if they're a fan of Ozzys? If they're not fans, then why they here? JW....
april Walters
april Walters 12 дней назад
I like this one it's probably my favorite.
Jafar Mumaeri
Jafar Mumaeri 12 дней назад
crying with this song love sincere man OZZY
Libertine Rising
Libertine Rising 13 дней назад
I love Ozzy , but this album blows .....😐
Kevin McRibs
Kevin McRibs 13 дней назад
Absolutely horrible when you see the druggie pictures of Ozzy. True respect to him.
ozzy is a Magic man! Whish he could live forever!
Corey Mullins
Corey Mullins 13 дней назад
This song just speaks to me in such a personal way.. I think he wrote it for me... Thanks Ozzy! Much love to ya brother!!!
cursenz 13 дней назад
Ozzy is such a genius.
Jay Haischer
Jay Haischer 14 дней назад
May the king rest upon his blacked throne for all to see his glory
dante lopez calderon
dante lopez calderon 14 дней назад
Ozzy eres uno de los grandes en la historia de la música y en la vida del Rock...siempre estarás en Alma u Corazón. by: DRLS🖤
William Landrith
William Landrith 14 дней назад
R.R ♾Forever “An inspiration for all Young people” Ozzy ♾
Tammie Swartz
Tammie Swartz 14 дней назад
Much love ozzy and family
animation station
animation station 14 дней назад
I want this song played at my funeral
Wyatt Tritschler
Wyatt Tritschler 14 дней назад
im going too be sad if he passes hes my favorite rock n roll
Jorden Welsh
Jorden Welsh 14 дней назад
I swear Ozzy is a cat and has 9 lives because of the amount of injuries and bad things he did in live the average human could die from so...
Fran Wallace
Fran Wallace 14 дней назад
Love you Ozzy
john smith
john smith 15 дней назад
My Irish Dad said I would take him and fifty
john smith
john smith 15 дней назад
I think Jack's going but we get Agrero
john smith
john smith 15 дней назад
Ask him his team. An Irish Slim Whitman fan walloped some other
LISA Taylor
LISA Taylor 15 дней назад
My son don't to die my blue sy just an odii.. .man love umy. Son..
Spencer Dawson
Spencer Dawson 15 дней назад
Sad reality is that for all we do to attempt to be extraordinary many of us will die as Ordinary Men. Is that really so Tragic?
Вова Щава
Вова Щава 15 дней назад
Дедушка Оззи как всегда поёт от уши ,и для души .👍
Skippyboy 16 дней назад
Just wanna say Humans die but Ozzy’s hardrock is still gonna be in all of us who listen to this fantastic music.
Ozzy is going to live longer than all of us. Im almost 30 years old and my GRANDPA use to listen to ozzy.
The cheese Man
The cheese Man 16 дней назад
Since Elton John had “rocket man” in 2019 it’s only a matter of time till “ordinary man” comes out as the title for the possible ozzy movie
Everett Blair
Everett Blair 16 дней назад
I just got my first tattoo I got a bats wings with a skull saying ozzy ozbourne above it
pkj77 16 дней назад
i was just listening to your song Aimee, its missing Aimeen saying i´ll always be an angel at the end i know its there i have the CD-maxi single
David Morales
David Morales 17 дней назад
4:03 :0
Andrés Jared Pinedo Arrieta
Andrés Jared Pinedo Arrieta 17 дней назад
Beautiful and powerful song
Santosh Gujar
Santosh Gujar 17 дней назад
I am your fan Sir
francisco ortega
francisco ortega 17 дней назад
The sad part is life flashes way to fast
MarkoRollo 17 дней назад
"I don't wanna die an ordinary man" no danger of that Ozzy....
Оксана Повышева
Оксана Повышева 17 дней назад
Fan poster painted and held by my friend at a concert in Moscow *ozzy is our god *. WOW
Aurellius Maximus
Aurellius Maximus 17 дней назад
Listen and pay attention. Ozzy is telling u to do something with ur life.
Women Matter
Women Matter 17 дней назад
Ozzy your far from ordinary man you are still here to do this from those you need to say see you on the other side you gonna make it so much easier for people I love your whole family always and forever From being here To tell everyone To bring peace to all the ones that have to say to you on your side
M C 18 дней назад
This song makes me cry every time I watch it. Having been an Ozzy fan since he hit the scene way back when, I remember all the shit he went through and endured and the struggles he survived. When the fam did the Reality Show I was right there every single episode and about died when it went off the air. I Loved them so much. Ozzy, this is one of the Best songs you've ever done! I love this song ! So very glad you came back to give us yet another great bit of yourself. Take care man.
Сергей Горшков
Сергей Горшков 18 дней назад
Ozzy very very nice
Сергей Горшков
Сергей Горшков 18 дней назад
I love him very murch
GetzGoth 3113
GetzGoth 3113 18 дней назад
I don't think he needs to be concerned about dying an ordinary man.
Pumpkin Puna
Pumpkin Puna 18 дней назад
@3:36- SHARON : " Jack where are you going darling..?" JACK: "I'M TAKING DADDY FOR A WALK..." 🤒🤢🤕
Pauloemersonmunizdasilva Munizdasilva
Pauloemersonmunizdasilva Munizdasilva 18 дней назад
Ozzy Crazy, Brasil i love you
Damon Carter
Damon Carter 18 дней назад
None of us want to be ordinary men but we all walk in your tracks ozzy.
Women Matter
Women Matter 19 дней назад
Ozzy she deserves a bouquet of roses Multi colour please She is helped you get here where you at today and we get to share with you I will be all these grief are you in thank you Sheahan
Women Matter
Women Matter 19 дней назад
And your family is precious
Women Matter
Women Matter 19 дней назад
You have hold yourself for others Hats off to you
Kentucky Mama
Kentucky Mama 19 дней назад
Greetings from America. Listening 2 U since Black Sabbath. Was listening 2 Post Malone a new artist 2 me 4 first time. Then I heard Ozzy ! O. M. G soooo happy. ROCK ON OZZY ♥️
jessica keen
jessica keen 19 дней назад
Still 😭 crying
Eric Owens
Eric Owens 19 дней назад
He still hurts over Randy
Donald Leblanc
Donald Leblanc 20 дней назад
Corey Mullins
Corey Mullins 20 дней назад
He would be a best friend kinda guy
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