Ozzy Osbourne - It's A Raid (Audio) ft. Post Malone

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YaBoiDustin 8 часов назад
Only post malone stuff I'm listening to is rock, he's a great rock singer and combined with ozzy this song is fuckin amazing
Calebzky День назад
Me: Hm this song is not bad. Posty suddenly: FUCK Me: WOAH
Andrea Beretta
Andrea Beretta 2 дня назад
Ochaco Uraraka
Ochaco Uraraka 3 дня назад
if i don't hear this in heaven, i'm going straight to hell.
Justin Bunker
Justin Bunker 4 дня назад
2:40-2:55 so much fucking energy 🔥
yeetmaster2000 5 дней назад
Little nickey’s favorite song
Skla 6 дней назад
4:20 minutes lmao
Jayce Ledet
Jayce Ledet 6 дней назад
Am I the only one who thinks this sounds like a Motörhead song? Lol
MyBoiThomas 7 дней назад
"Ive been locked up for 7 days" Well that aged horribly
ayu mhdln
ayu mhdln 8 дней назад
im here because posty 👉🏻👈🏻
TheIronChainMaster 11 дней назад
This is the kind of song for a roadtrip when you're in one side of the US and by the time the song end you're already at the opposite side
Christina Knite
Christina Knite 12 дней назад
In this episode of South Park... THE PRINCE OF DARKNESS STILL HAS IT!!! 🤘🤘
Burning Spirit
Burning Spirit 12 дней назад
I didn't know Ozzy was into Punk Rock !
Hammer John
Hammer John 13 дней назад
This is song is exactly 4:20 mins long..🦇🥴
Romario Dulaj
Romario Dulaj 13 дней назад
Go go 🌙⚡️💥🔥😈🤘
Marzia Tonietti
Marzia Tonietti 14 дней назад
Mi piace , ma spero che lo sporco di fondo del suono, venga pulito
Taves 14 дней назад
Ozzy and helium? Big no, no.
el toro
el toro 14 дней назад
Ozzy can no longer be taken seriously as he has set the bar so low with the garbage he collaborates on
Hooper DHC
Hooper DHC 17 дней назад
The story behind "it's a raid" is hysterical!
Kyle Watts
Kyle Watts 20 дней назад
Some OG Hardcore Punk/Street Punk influence, good to hear that fused w/ the vocal elements of both Ozzy and Posty. Great song.
Candido Barco
Candido Barco 20 дней назад
So probably gonna get some hate . . .but anyone else get like a Viva La Bam vibe with this song . . Just a tad?
ToastedPup 26 дней назад
Sorry but this was the Capital at the beginning of the month... "You animals!"
who cares
who cares 28 дней назад
When Robinhood blocks the stocks
Ash Lee
Ash Lee 28 дней назад
I fucking love this song. It's just so mad and batshit crazy and all kinds of whatever!
Megablademe Месяц назад
Is this what crackhead paranoia sounds like?
O.G. MISFIT Месяц назад
Ozzy WTF, Your so much better than this Trifle
Titan Zombie
Titan Zombie Месяц назад
This sounds like shit wtf Ozzy
TOXICITY Месяц назад
It’s so nice of post Malone to collab with unknown artists❤️
Gaydolf Hitqueer
Gaydolf Hitqueer 5 дней назад
that’s a lot of shit talk for someone in gas chamber distance
TOXICITY 11 дней назад
@Heather Lea 😂
Heather Lea
Heather Lea 11 дней назад
Konrad xD
Konrad xD Месяц назад
This song is great.
Shelby Berryessa-Clayton
Shelby Berryessa-Clayton Месяц назад
I miss Vampires & the underworld that comes from it ! A Discovery of witches , Vampires do rule the world!
Randy Grover Independent consultant of Immunotec Inc.
Randy Grover Independent consultant of Immunotec Inc. Месяц назад
It has become one of my favorites off Ordinary Man.
Lloyd Langlois
Lloyd Langlois Месяц назад
This song rocks!
CJ Destruction
CJ Destruction Месяц назад
2021 is awesome 🤣🤣
Bryce Teasdale
Bryce Teasdale Месяц назад
The story behind this song is insane
snaccman Месяц назад
0:08 the capitol right now
jennifer pesak
jennifer pesak Месяц назад
🤘 Hell yeah...🤘
Fergo Месяц назад
Another cool track good shit Ozzy 👍🤘
Aly Месяц назад
Me when im playing pokemon go and see a raid
Derek Fletcher
Derek Fletcher 2 месяца назад
Fuck post Malone. Not rock n roll
James Zimmermann
James Zimmermann 2 месяца назад
This sounds like a Punk song, and I like it
Fabián Guevara H. Otubrokse
Fabián Guevara H. Otubrokse 2 месяца назад
Jejeje, qué canción tan divertida, me gustó mucho 👍🤘
Sparrow12 2 месяца назад
[Intro: Ozzy Osbourne] It's a raid Oh, no Hide everything [Verse 1: Ozzy Osbourne] I hear them breathing on my telephone I know I'm never alone I been to places you should never go God's really Satan and he's waiting for you out there [Chorus: Ozzy Osbourne] Hideaway, I've been locked up for seven days I'm never coming out (Woo, woo) Wide awake, I feel my heart accelerate I'm never coming down (Woo, woo) Mama said, "You can't kill what's already dead" And all the feds are waiting for me somewhere Hideaway, I've been locked up for seven days I'm never coming out (Woo, woo) Everybody wants me, everybody wants me [Verse 2: Post Malone] Outside my window, there's a silhouette My rifle's right beside my bed Hold on, I'm runnin' out of cigarettes Fuck [Chorus: Ozzy Osbourne & ] Hideaway, I've been locked up for seven days I'm never coming out (Woo, woo) Wide awake, I feel my heart accelerate I'm never coming down (Woo, woo) Mama said, "You can't kill what's already dead" And all the feds are waiting for me somewhere Hideaway, I've been locked up for seven days I'm never coming out (Woo, woo) Everybody wants me, everybody wants me [Bridge: Ozzy Osbourne & ] (I've been locked) You're missing your fucking head Everything I am () Everything I want to be (Louder) Everything I am (Get louder) Won't you come along with me? () Attack I want to see you go fucking animal (Like a grade-A psycho) Go fucking crazy, hahaha (Woah) It's a raid [Chorus: Ozzy Osbourne & ] Hideaway, I've been locked up for seven days I'm never coming out (Woo, woo) Wide awake, I feel my heart accelerate I'm never coming down (Woo, woo) Mama said, "You can't kill what's already dead" And all the feds are waiting for me somewhere Hideaway, I've been locked up for seven days I'm never coming out [Outro: Ozzy Osbourne & ] Attack It's a raid, everybody out Fire Fuck you all
erlgro 2 месяца назад
Only thing this song misses- is TRUE OLDSCHOOL 8ths on the bassdrums- in the chorus... (I'd want to say... it sounds like an engine that doesn't start. No offence dear Ozzy... next time, you call the metal expertize from North Norway!! \m/ ) -Erlend :)
erlgro 2 месяца назад
no offence... but since I heard "Paranoid"; I've been a sucker for straight 8t'hs, on the bassdrums ;) \m/ -E
Joe Mama
Joe Mama 2 месяца назад
For everyone who's ever felt their heart in their ears, knees nearly buckled, making that desperate final scramble; cursing everything that is, the entire time.
Джонни Кактуc
Джонни Кактуc 2 месяца назад
This song i s fire🔥🔥🔥🔥
Kristy's Edits
Kristy's Edits 2 месяца назад
This song is underrated
smolglitter 11 дней назад
this whole album is underrated
Iván Gonzalo
Iván Gonzalo Месяц назад
It really is...
marco5150 Месяц назад
More like underraided
mali veli
mali veli Месяц назад
Jordan E
Jordan E Месяц назад
Used to think people like you were crazy saying that while it has 2 million views but yet at 2 mill I’m sad to say this is my first time listening to this specific song by this great collaboration; with that being said I couldn’t agree more.
estratosfera _
estratosfera _ 2 месяца назад
Pinche banda idealizada
IIESPD00DII 2 месяца назад
Been locked up for 7 days oh the accuracy
Buituananh1987 Buituananh1987
Buituananh1987 Buituananh1987 2 месяца назад
area 51
Diego Ramos24
Diego Ramos24 2 месяца назад
Post Malone is actually tolerable here, impressive. Oh, and Ozzy's great as always.
erlgro 3 месяца назад
Michael Moses
Michael Moses 3 месяца назад
He is a legend with a new person
Shadow Shadow
Shadow Shadow 3 месяца назад
Craig Lessard
Craig Lessard 3 месяца назад
you should see me in a crown billie eilish
kyle swenson
kyle swenson 3 месяца назад
rap god
Mónica Yunes
Mónica Yunes 3 месяца назад
Oh fu**
Pradyot Raj Pandey
Pradyot Raj Pandey 3 месяца назад
This sounds like something Ozzy sent Green Day to show how it's done.
ybelca de aza meireles
ybelca de aza meireles 3 месяца назад
hyunmong us
hyunmong us 3 месяца назад
listening to this while doing homework make it feels so wrong to not do it quickly
david jean
david jean 3 месяца назад
new rockstars
Es Ma Family
Es Ma Family 3 месяца назад
It sound like a anime intro
Lesser Cousin
Lesser Cousin 4 месяца назад
This is ridiculous but what if post Malone became Ozzy
NickyStarr 4 месяца назад
Reminds me of Unwritten Law "elva"
Achraf Lk
Achraf Lk 4 месяца назад
i love this music idk why lmao
Jamie Burd
Jamie Burd 4 месяца назад
mixed personalities
Draxler Chronicles
Draxler Chronicles 4 месяца назад
Sorry, but the Post Malone tracks are Cringy as fuck. Great album, but that tarnished thr end.
David Lastname
David Lastname 4 месяца назад
This is the perfect song to turn up loud and get my autistic screeches out.
GamingCreed47 4 месяца назад
This song is the music equivalent of smoking/taking every drug in existence. (Listen to the lyrics for more context)
zane mclendon
zane mclendon 4 месяца назад
lets all love the fact that this song is 4:20 long
LaBob TheJeff
LaBob TheJeff 2 месяца назад
Mmmm yes nice
Joe H
Joe H 4 месяца назад
Punk rock song about a drug raid featuring Ozzy, Post Malone, bassist from GNR, guitarist from RATM, and the drummer from RHCP. I support this.
Lucy Tomlinson
Lucy Tomlinson 4 месяца назад
creeper aw man
Needles Whore
Needles Whore 4 месяца назад
This is trash
Jacob Walrath
Jacob Walrath 4 месяца назад
why are you here then?
GØTH BØÏ 4 месяца назад
Ozzy is the type you would only want to listen to on the radio. Living legend 🖤
Jeremy Yard
Jeremy Yard 4 месяца назад
carter sharer
Savannah 4 месяца назад
This slaps harder than my dad
Tom 4 месяца назад
I have strong mixed feeling about this song
super rotte12
super rotte12 4 месяца назад
It’s my favourite song
R P 5 месяцев назад
lonzo ball
Nathan Quinn
Nathan Quinn 5 месяцев назад
The ups and downs to this song reminds me of an acid or salvia trip. Awesome vibes..that being said stay off drugs.
CREEPINGIRON 5 месяцев назад
So long, Mr Big Balls.
GrabbyGaby 5 месяцев назад
This sounds like an anime intro
The Underbaker
The Underbaker 5 месяцев назад
Needs less Post Malone, about 100% less.
Michelle Happy
Michelle Happy 3 месяца назад
Hel nah
Captain MadThunDR
Captain MadThunDR 5 месяцев назад
What the f*ck am i doing. Stuck on the weather channel. EEEEEHK
Tommy Hawk
Tommy Hawk 5 месяцев назад
I’m tired of scrolling through comments. Surely I’m not first to notice this vid is 4:20 mins long, right?
Dana barkhuda
Dana barkhuda 5 месяцев назад
Jose Alejandro Loaiza Chaves
Jose Alejandro Loaiza Chaves 5 месяцев назад
Esta canción es para algún anime?
Mallik eats
Mallik eats 5 месяцев назад
It sounds like an anime theme song
Егор ,'ик
Егор ,'ик 5 месяцев назад
Edin Suarez
Edin Suarez 5 месяцев назад
classical music for studying
Jose Madera
Jose Madera 5 месяцев назад
I caught the bat for ozzy that night -tk
song hh
song hh 5 месяцев назад
Eternity 5 месяцев назад
Connor R
Connor R 5 месяцев назад
The chorus sounds like something from Sonic the Hedgehog
Manuela 5 месяцев назад
this song must be special cause it has 4:20 minut
Jonny Lee
Jonny Lee 6 месяцев назад
my favorite off the album
lulu lullaby
lulu lullaby 6 месяцев назад
Green Day features in a minute. .!
NeonKnight 1970
NeonKnight 1970 6 месяцев назад
Is there version without post malone?
Jo Meyer
Jo Meyer 6 месяцев назад
one piece
Ava Fink
Ava Fink 6 месяцев назад
The time is 420 exactly you know what that means
Vetle Bernhard Rønjom-Jansen
Vetle Bernhard Rønjom-Jansen 6 месяцев назад
everyone: *nothing* me: posty should make more music like this (there is a certain chance he is going to. in a interview he said he is a huge motorhead fan, and then straight after releases this)
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