Ozzy Osbourne - Today Is The End (Audio)

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crookedfig 4 дня назад
Like ozzy is worried about dying..hes probably amazed he made it this far.most doctors are..
LUIS LHOS 15 дней назад
o apocalipse só pode chegar quando o ozzy partir
Love Love
Love Love 19 дней назад
Ozzy is a prophet he is holy
Robert Mickle
Robert Mickle 19 дней назад
Grzegorz Rudnicki
Grzegorz Rudnicki 20 дней назад
Katelynn Hanesack
Katelynn Hanesack 26 дней назад
Hi 👋👋
Luis Rodriguez
Luis Rodriguez 28 дней назад
This song is stuck in my head all dam day Hella catchy
Marcus’ mysteries
Marcus’ mysteries Месяц назад
he isn't the prince of darkness anymore. he is the lord of darkness!!! ozzy rules!!!!!!!
Patrick Doran
Patrick Doran Месяц назад
This sounds like it's from 'Ozzmosis' (which I mean as a compliment).
Caio Renzo
Caio Renzo 2 месяца назад
randy t.
randy t. 2 месяца назад
Was at his 2020 Amoeba Records signing just a week and a half before the entire world ended. I took a bus across the continental USA from Fort Wayne Indiana to Palm Desert CA. My girlfriend picked me up and we went to Los Angeles and that was where I met my internet best friend of 5 years in person for the first time. We slept on the pavement on the street at like 3 am, in line. I can’t believe that was the last thing I did before the pandemic. I miss these days. This song I had it on repeat on my 3 day bus trip home after the signing. I gave ozzy a painting I did. God bless.
Invidiual Spiritual Freedom
Invidiual Spiritual Freedom 2 месяца назад
What is the song by Ozzy that goes "Candlelights are flickering shadows on the wall".
Invidiual Spiritual Freedom
Invidiual Spiritual Freedom 2 месяца назад
@Pella -Can GOODNESS Thank you!!
Pella -Can
Pella -Can 2 месяца назад
Time after Time is the song
Naomi Torres
Naomi Torres 2 месяца назад
Anthony Arellano White
Anthony Arellano White 2 месяца назад
why tf this reminds me of stranger things lmao
Kevin LaRoche
Kevin LaRoche 3 месяца назад
Anybody here else think the song is about just snapping and letting it all loose but nobody can understand why you did it
Nathan Turcotte
Nathan Turcotte 3 месяца назад
Still killing it Ozzy 💥💯🤘🤘
Gary Allen
Gary Allen 3 месяца назад
I know that ozzy was called"THE Prince of darkness", but if you are a true fan of ozzy, then you know that his lyrics are completely opposite of that, God bless you ozzy !!!
HeadNtheClouds 3 месяца назад
B 11
B 11 4 месяца назад
Sound like Pantera
Михаил Сергопольцев
Михаил Сергопольцев 4 месяца назад
Дорога в ад ничем не вымощена, Не каждая душа будет спасена (ты пожинаешь, что сеешь). Они убивают, а мы дарим им славу, Давай, скажи мне, кто виноват. (Ты животное) Беги, уж лучше беги, уж лучше беги, Бежать некуда, тебе не скрыться от самого себя. Солнце черно, небеса красны, И, похоже, сегодня - конец. Дети бегут со всех ног, Возможно ли, что сегодня - конец? Их тишина отражается яростью, Сколько ещё это будет продолжаться? (ты пожинаешь, что сеешь) Раз уж нам больше нечего бояться, То дьявол любит торжественность. (Ты животное) Беги, уж лучше беги, уж лучше беги, Бежать некуда, тебе не скрыться от самого себя. Солнце черно, небеса красны, И, похоже, сегодня - конец. Дети бегут со всех ног, Возможно ли, что сегодня - конец? Солнце черно, небеса красны, И, похоже, сегодня - конец. Дети бегут со всех ног, Возможно ли, что сегодня - конец? Солнце черно, небеса красны, И, похоже, сегодня - конец (страх в их глазах). Дети бегут со всех ног, Возможно ли, что сегодня - конец? (страх в их глазах) Сегодня - конец (страх в их глазах).
Keira Peters
Keira Peters 4 месяца назад
ozzy talking:gjgfyfhsharonigyii singing:the sun is black the sky is red he might aswell communacate by singing love u oozzy stay strong
EVP -experiments-
EVP -experiments- 4 месяца назад
YOU!.... KFC!..... NOW!.... MILK!.... CONDOMS!
EVP -experiments-
EVP -experiments- 4 месяца назад
Saddle up!
EVP -experiments-
EVP -experiments- 4 месяца назад
EVP -experiments-
EVP -experiments- 4 месяца назад
Ghost rider scene anyone?...
EVP -experiments-
EVP -experiments- 4 месяца назад
Alice Got Tyger Tyger, Arty Got "Epitaph to a Dog"... MB got a bunch of wooing... you were the last I courted... ¬¬
EVP -experiments-
EVP -experiments- 4 месяца назад
Byron loved you didn't he?... Darkness...
EVP -experiments-
EVP -experiments- 4 месяца назад
you wrote a poem to me... so by scand rules you got ditched by the wife...
EVP -experiments-
EVP -experiments- 4 месяца назад
Ian on my leaving said "If I can't have your love I shall have your hate...".... not good was it?... Fake Odin?
EVP -experiments-
EVP -experiments- 4 месяца назад
I did ask amesty about the slave contract as I was being used up at the time... even my son comes with it... ¬¬... that the time frame we were in... Film : Vikings (Erik!)
EVP -experiments-
EVP -experiments- 4 месяца назад
New brain... off grid... you fucking prat
EVP -experiments-
EVP -experiments- 4 месяца назад
I've got olde Gods just sat in here...even the world eater...hanging onto the scruff of my neck... you know the Ghost Buster shit you did?... BLONDE is back to do you all in...
EVP -experiments-
EVP -experiments- 4 месяца назад
Need help fast in the fucking skin man!....why do you think I'm screaming at you, Alice, random scands?!!
EVP -experiments-
EVP -experiments- 4 месяца назад
5th Rider.... out of the box... no control...crazy horse
EVP -experiments-
EVP -experiments- 4 месяца назад
I'm too afraid... DEATH... IS NOT...CONTAINED
EVP -experiments-
EVP -experiments- 4 месяца назад
I can't even see the damage I'm doing yet....I've stopped looking...
EVP -experiments-
EVP -experiments- 4 месяца назад
I can't even get a rush of a smoke... I'm screaming all the time from fear, pain and lonelyness... I have no one to talk to! I'm going beserk in here!
Fergo 4 месяца назад
insanely good Ozzy 👍🤘
Judy Horsley
Judy Horsley 4 месяца назад
I was born in "68" I remember being 7 or 8 years old when I 1st heard an Ozzy Osbourne song & instantly I was obsessed a lifelong fan!!! I'm now 52 & still religiously thoroughly enjoying his music, lyrics & songs 2 this very day & what ever time I have left on this earth... I luv u Ozzy
Ri3he GunPro
Ri3he GunPro 4 месяца назад
Blizzard of Oz - 1980 Ordinary Man - 2020
Levi Glass
Levi Glass 4 месяца назад
If today is the end. Why was this posted 10 months ago.
Julian Sprovieri
Julian Sprovieri 5 месяцев назад
Ozzy will live forever :)
Smokeuall218 _
Smokeuall218 _ 5 месяцев назад
Im 21 Ozzy
IIESPD00DII 5 месяцев назад
Andrew Watt, Ozzy, Chad Smith.... There’s a reason why this album has a few hits
Rewa Jamir
Rewa Jamir 5 месяцев назад
No disrespect but this album really need some killer guitar licks from zakk..
Lucas 5 месяцев назад
brabo de mais
eddjr69 5 месяцев назад
OZZY!!!!! 🤘🏼😎🤘🏼
Mashell Mendenhall
Mashell Mendenhall 6 месяцев назад
Only one thing for the whole family! 💞
Rookie Actor
Rookie Actor 6 месяцев назад
Everyday in 2020:
Senji Ken Kryomasa
Senji Ken Kryomasa 6 месяцев назад
No matter what he’ll always me good no matter the times have change but not his style and still rocks hard core till this day. With the best vocals. Good riffs.
Jan Lemon
Jan Lemon 6 месяцев назад
Ironically I'm listening to this on Election Day
Robert Johnson
Robert Johnson 6 месяцев назад
If Ozzy decided to retire today all I got to say is what an amazing album to release as your last album.
solo bigbmx
solo bigbmx 6 месяцев назад
ozzy will rock on till he can sing anymore thats all this album says
Kris Rolt
Kris Rolt 6 месяцев назад
this is why I fucking love Ozzy! live forever!
Leonardo Mafra
Leonardo Mafra 6 месяцев назад
Ozzy nunca foi dos melhores vocalistas do Rock mas sua voz sempre foi inigualável, o atestando ser um cantor ímpar no estilo. Sou muito feliz por suas canções, assim como mais esta.
Samuel Latham
Samuel Latham 7 месяцев назад
2:15 wooooooooooooooooooooo yea babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Tom Hubert
Tom Hubert 7 месяцев назад
True that
GhostWriter78 7 месяцев назад
Ozzy YOU are a god!!!! Thank you for everything you've given us!!!!!!!!!!
Deez Butz
Deez Butz 7 месяцев назад
That opening guitar riff is the almost exactly like frogs from Alice In Chains
Baron 7 месяцев назад
This song was Ozzy predicting the future. "The sun is black the sky is red" the sky turned red in California because of fires. 👇Sums up 2020 And it feels like today is the end (Ooh, ooh, ooh) The kids are running as fast as they can Could it be that today is the end?
Mundane44 7 месяцев назад
Enjoy the last hours...
eQui 7 месяцев назад
For my personal taste Ozzy makes gold with every project he starts ..from the 60s till now.. i can always find 1-2 Songs per album that are legendary forever. I grew up in the 90s, but his music has no timestemp. I hope he will stay a bit longer with us.
Rebecca Holder
Rebecca Holder 8 месяцев назад
I love Ozzy! I hate the disrespect he shows my beautiful Sharon!! She'll help me if I ask. I know it. I need dental work. I'm from Tennessee. I love Ozzy as all of us do. I need a good dentist!! But, I'll always love your husbands music!!!
Trevor Householder
Trevor Householder 8 месяцев назад
These kids man I'm 22 glad I grew up listening to this rather than hip hop and rap. I remember having a cassette tape playing Alice cooper feed my Frankenstein. My mom hated the song but I was a cool 6 year old
Mohammed 8 месяцев назад
Michelle Taylor
Michelle Taylor 8 месяцев назад
RA IS HERE WITH HIS 2 Suns, one red one blue aka golden hang out we bout to bounce outta this void. 11:11 Osiris & Horus aka blue & Red katchina.
Debraj Mitra
Debraj Mitra 8 месяцев назад
Prince of Darkness turns out to be king of Darkness.👍Still you are best.
Nick Verba
Nick Verba 8 месяцев назад
Starrider 8 месяцев назад
Ozzy is back and kicking ass...welcome back Oz, we have loved you since your early beginnings and we will love you for the rest of time. Believe me, you will not die an ordinary man. Bless you..always
Ozz Rock
Ozz Rock 8 месяцев назад
The best song in the album
joshwa stilwell
joshwa stilwell 8 месяцев назад
Ozzy will always rock..... Even if he is in a nursing home... Love this album.
Kyle Wilson
Kyle Wilson 8 месяцев назад
Ozzy can be raised from the dead, just listen to his music. Ozzy roses!🌹🌹🌹🌹
Метаluпа 8 месяцев назад
Paul Blart Mall Cop
Paul Blart Mall Cop 9 месяцев назад
This is about The End of Days idk why people think Ozzy is satanic these a Christian lyrics
TritnewVG 7 месяцев назад
This is about school shootings and how the media glorifies the shooters.
Rebecca Perks
Rebecca Perks 9 месяцев назад
The production on this album is fantastic
What an unaltered masterpiece
Gaming Kid
Gaming Kid 9 месяцев назад
Every one is saying he’s gonna die or his music is ending but pretty much the whole entire song he says the are running or something that relates to school shootings and before assuming what he means search up and interview or something
shaun Frost
shaun Frost 9 месяцев назад
All this dio bashing, I just want to voice my opinion both singers had their fair share of faults but both are only human.yes ozzy has done more albums...and is in my opinion the king....but I liked some of dio's contribution to rock and metal and dehuminizer will be his hardest and last best with iomi.
Žiga H
Žiga H 9 месяцев назад
The best song of the album
maddog76 9 месяцев назад
covid...sending these kids back 2 school is a mistake
Kaylee anime_6000
Kaylee anime_6000 10 месяцев назад
I'm excited for the new album ozzy is working on! Who else is? 😁🤘🏻
Euphoriah 10 месяцев назад
He talking some real shit it subliminal messaging. They kill give them fame then he mentions kids you gotta be highly advanced to know what's going on here
Joe Obiden Bama
Joe Obiden Bama 10 месяцев назад
This song is a keeper. Ozzy can still make great memorable songs in the year 2020. Amazing!
Nazza Frank
Nazza Frank 10 месяцев назад
Sound like "Ozzmosis".
Dan Cash
Dan Cash 10 месяцев назад
Still love it
Tristan Young
Tristan Young 10 месяцев назад
Great album i like the Vibe of all the songs.
Noah Osborne
Noah Osborne 10 месяцев назад
The world rn...
Jean Vagin
Jean Vagin 10 месяцев назад
I just realized that araki probably took inspiration on the costume of ozzy while drawing the head doctor...
wizarddemon 5000
wizarddemon 5000 10 месяцев назад
god slash is amazing I was so inspired by him to pick up a guitar listen to the second verse and his Solo so heavy so blazing ok I. Just find out that is Andrew so good job
todomo 10 месяцев назад
i feel like this could make a really awesome music video, this is my favorite song from the album
Russ Froggatt
Russ Froggatt 10 месяцев назад
Maybe when Ozzy dies he,ll see Randy again
LUIS LHOS 2 месяца назад
And play together again
Jaffa James
Jaffa James 10 месяцев назад
Why do people young or old feel the need to put their age before they write a comment as if that means anything? It's like a level of self gratification that quite frankly is pathetic.
B Jay
B Jay 10 месяцев назад
Not every soul can be saved you reap what you sow 🤘
jacob seager
jacob seager 11 месяцев назад
wow today was supposed to be the end
The Hicksman
The Hicksman 11 месяцев назад
I almost forgot to watch this for the 50th time again today...
wizarddemon 5000
wizarddemon 5000 11 месяцев назад
Run you better run I love that part
Tom Kaminski
Tom Kaminski 11 месяцев назад
Ozzy’s lyrics are always so deep! Still rocking 🤘🏻
Aceids 11 месяцев назад
2020 be like:
Rickey Engle
Rickey Engle 11 месяцев назад
the end of what,,
Angella Marcel
Angella Marcel 11 месяцев назад
Ozzy i saw it too....
The awsome Channel
The awsome Channel 11 месяцев назад
This is a nice song even though I’m 11 so you should like this song
Gru 5 месяцев назад
You're a cool 11 year old.
Метаluпа 8 месяцев назад
the whole album is geared more towards the younger generation, very modern sounding so it would be right up your alley.
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