Agustín Díaz • hace 2 años
Agustín Díaz • hace 2 años 8 часов назад
1:31 do you mind if I leave this timestamp right here? Well, I'll do it anyway.
Agustín Díaz • hace 2 años
Agustín Díaz • hace 2 años 8 часов назад
Listening to this for the first time is surely everybody's best 3:46 of their life
Mike Pineda
Mike Pineda 8 часов назад
Ozzy is the king
Agustín Díaz • hace 2 años
Agustín Díaz • hace 2 años 8 часов назад
I love the fact that when you search "Randy Rhoads" on Google and read his "about" chart, Crazy Train *_Solo_* is the first result in "songs". Totally deserved. The guitar literally sings.
LowQuality 8 часов назад
I thought Ozzy's goblin walk came with age. Turns out it was just the cocaine's fault the whole time.
Squash Banana
Squash Banana 9 часов назад
I like crazy train better the old stuff
Robrt Gamer
Robrt Gamer 10 часов назад
You're voice is still amazing
ButtrSpredr 12 часов назад
Megamind nostalgia
MONDOCHITARRA 13 часов назад
Tootsie Shmutsie
Tootsie Shmutsie 13 часов назад
When/ if g-d forbid, ha, Ozzy shud pass, may it be in the arms of his wonderful family, while singing/ howling, Bark at the Moon, or any other Ozzy/ Sabbath tune! Xoxoxo! As pre pandemic plan, pls play Mtl luv
Jessica Terry
Jessica Terry 15 часов назад
He always a legeng to me lol. Still think he hot at his age. My grandkids love him as well. Thwy young
Big Bertha
Big Bertha 15 часов назад
Whenever i hear this song it reminds me of kevin
Shane Brasher
Shane Brasher 19 часов назад
Being a recovering addict this song guys to hard for me to handle
Christian Stoleski
Christian Stoleski 21 час назад
2021 Ozzy still alive :P badass
Blue Pikmin
Blue Pikmin 22 часа назад
After Black Sabbath dropped Ozzy they turned from Black Sabbath to B.S.
Saturian Khazard
Saturian Khazard 23 часа назад
She should be in every dictionary and encyclopedia under definition of the word "Keeper"...
beth the fam
beth the fam День назад
I never really listened to the words, then I watched a reaction video with messed up spelling or wrong words and most was correct. However my favourite part is something about love and forget about the hate. I agree 👍💯%!!
Eric L.L.
Eric L.L. День назад
Woh, marvelous I could feel it in my bones.
James Stephens
James Stephens День назад
The Fact that this song now perfectly describes the world right now, It is so uncanny, you cant deny it, AT ALL!
Phillip T
Phillip T День назад
After 4:00 he just sounds horrible or is that just me. Also legendary mic stand
Richard Anderson
Richard Anderson День назад
BAT BOY I went to Feldman's video and he can't hold a Black Candle to Ozzie,so there 👿 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♿ 🇺🇸
Toke Joker
Toke Joker День назад
This song will either be the end of my life or the beginning of a new I love you ozzy
Shane persons
Shane persons День назад
Daniel Hankins
Daniel Hankins День назад
Bad finger but its not wrong
Jude Biggs
Jude Biggs День назад
Who decided to make the synth louder than the guitar... wtf
Alex gareau
Alex gareau День назад
Prince of darkness is a different breed mate💪💪💪💪🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Adam Dunn
Adam Dunn День назад
Ghost train
Davi Daian Assenheimer
Davi Daian Assenheimer День назад
Mestres IMORTAIS DO HEAVY METAL. TOMMY ALDRIGE na bateria e jake e LEE. Na guitarra
AuKryptik День назад
Isnt this guy blind? Why is he in the driver seat lol
L4RS День назад
what year is this?
_lecso15_ День назад
Pince of darkness ❤️❤️
crazycandy6 День назад
Today I woke up and I hate myself Death doesn't answer when I cry for help No high could save me from the depths of hell I'll drown my mind until I'm someone else Don't take care of me, be scared of me My misery owns me I don't wanna be my enemy My misery owns me now Under the graveyard We're all rotting bones Oh, oh Everything you are Can't take it when you go Oh, oh I ain't living this lie no more Ain't living this lie no more Oh, oh It's cold in the graveyard We all die alone Cover my eyes so I can't see clear One sip away from everything I fear Ashes to ashes, watch me disappear Closer to home because the end is near Don't take care of me, be scared of me My misery owns me I don't wanna to be my enemy My misery owns me now Under the graveyard We're all rotting bones Oh, oh Everything you are Can't take it when you go Oh, oh I ain't living this lie no more Ain't living this lie no more Oh, oh It's cold in the graveyard We all die alone Under the graveyard We're all rotting bones Oh, oh Everything you are Can't take it when you go Oh, oh I ain't living this lie no more Ain't living this lie no more Oh, oh It's cold in the graveyard We all die alone Oh, oh
crazycandy6 День назад
And yes
Hoofler День назад
I'm not afraid of Hell...I'm afraid that there isn't one.
Merry Melissa
Merry Melissa День назад
I wish Ozzy can just say hi to me someday, it would be the best thing that ever happened to me and that would also be greatest birthday gift in the whole world 🌎!!!!!!!!! I love him so much and he won’t be missed at all. I just want to say hi to @Ozzy Osbourne and he is AWESOME 🤩. The only thing that I would like on my birthday that is coming up is hearing back from Ozzy Osbourne just one day and just once it would mean the world to me when I hear from him and I am only 15 years old going to be 16 soon and I love his music so much that it will never leave. I hope everyone that sees my comment I hope you all have a good day and be safe.
Joyce Any
Joyce Any День назад
eu amo essa música <3
Brunomas День назад
OMG, the best solo!
Benjamin Doverson
Benjamin Doverson День назад
This gotta be the best song ozzy made. In my opinion.
Xily__yayajxst Xx
Xily__yayajxst Xx День назад
Metal Christ Legendas
Metal Christ Legendas День назад
por favor Ozzy, viva para sempre 😭😭😭
almond milk
almond milk День назад
3:30 im not fucking crying and screaming we love you too at 3am
Dani Ham
Dani Ham День назад
I love this video it makes me cry lol ozzy is such an interesting guy to me
Brennen Carter
Brennen Carter День назад
This song kicks ass man I’ve been listening to it for two days now the whole album rocks wow
Veronica Simonini
Veronica Simonini День назад
I'm crying... Amazing video. 😉 😘 😘
Veronica Simonini
Veronica Simonini День назад
I love you 💗
Lop Mop
Lop Mop 2 дня назад
Rivet Rose
Rivet Rose 2 дня назад
A song about mental health issues and the world that created them and how it's unfair, truly a work of art and cry for help in a time when there was none
J Mata
J Mata 2 дня назад
Jake pulled off that solo with no Wang bar!
evadvalcourt 2 дня назад
Man Im born 20years too late
Codename Skill
Codename Skill 2 дня назад
Jimmy Hoffa
Jimmy Hoffa 2 дня назад
None of these guys have ever done cocaine or drank alcohol believe it or not
Ramblequist 2 дня назад
Joe Biden brought me here..
sebastian soto
sebastian soto 2 дня назад
Hmm.. Coca
Lilah M.
Lilah M. 2 дня назад
Hello OZZY( JOHN MICHAEL). I HAVE LISTENED TO YOU ALL OF OUR LIVES! I Admire you & love you & Sharon so much! I only wish you both many more years of health,wealth & happiness! I hope to meet you in heaven some day while your singing to God! I think he may like 'Dreamer' your kids too!🥰 I watch Jack all of the time! 👍 All my love from Tn! Lilah 🙌💞 😴🌛
Complx Oner
Complx Oner 2 дня назад
Check my music out 🦇✨✨✨✨✨
REAL JNASH 2 дня назад
Good song
Queen Barb For Life #teamqueenbarb
Queen Barb For Life #teamqueenbarb 2 дня назад
Fun fact: it is physically impossible to own a guitar and not learn this song
derpsquad День назад
@BruhMaster58 I learned this and my hands were literally bleeding when I finally got the whole song perfect in one take the first time
BruhMaster58 День назад
Yeah have fun with that solo
Jonathan Woodbury
Jonathan Woodbury 2 дня назад
Here's the reason why Ozzy is such a legend is because well there's really no reason it's just because he is
Willow Howerton
Willow Howerton 2 дня назад
Thank you Sharon. We wouldn't be blessed with his ongoing talent if it weren't for you saving his life. That's a 100% true love
Kelly Clayton
Kelly Clayton 2 дня назад
Omg I can't stop crying...this is a beautiful song. God Bless you Ozzy. You are amazing.
Ginger Pardieck
Ginger Pardieck 2 дня назад
God Bless him.
Tom Ernawan
Tom Ernawan 2 дня назад
The song that cause me really2 want to learn to play guitar when I was 10.
Alicia Danae Chan Várguez
Alicia Danae Chan Várguez 2 дня назад
MIZORAM - Mafaka Hnamte
MIZORAM - Mafaka Hnamte 2 дня назад
Ozzy Osbourne autobiography- _Randy (Rhoades) just looked at me and said 'Why are you always drinking'?_
Horrorfan Rikki
Horrorfan Rikki 2 дня назад
I have to get ahold of this album someday to add to my Ozzy cd's collection!! 🤘😝🤘
Randy Foley
Randy Foley 2 дня назад
Dude is sober proud of him I no his pain when u ask not to be awaked next day 2 for 1 take 1 n 2 all day still waiting on 3
Freak Storm
Freak Storm 2 дня назад
Lol this video kinda makes life out to be too white
Victor Eitel
Victor Eitel 2 дня назад
Legend 🖤
Eneko Larrakoetxea
Eneko Larrakoetxea 2 дня назад
xXx_GamerMetalhead69 2 дня назад
Damn those guys look so cool Especially that bearded guy with a chainsaw and that girl with spiked mace
Keegan День назад
Thats what rioters think they look like when theyre really just punks with bricks and pants hanging below their ass
Braiden Smith
Braiden Smith 3 дня назад
Real men cried watching this video
John Riley
John Riley 3 дня назад
If there EVER was a Rock Star who needs a movie bout hiz life...It;zzz Da OZZ !!!!From young teens,Sabbath,top of da world,being in Da Bottomless pit, Has a band,Don't have a band,DRUGS,SEX,PAIN,CONFUSION,etc... SHARON(Life Saver along w/ St. Randy Rhoads) pulled him back together,resureccted his career (AFTER da infamous DOVE SCENE AT CBS ofcourse LOL...) to Randys death,to da coming of no names to da LEGENDARY fATHER zAKK Wylde stirring it all up again!!! Kids,marital problems,dope dope dope,SHEWWWWW.....Dats not a movie w/ a plot ,etc.... dat'zzz a FUKIN TRAINWRECK...(lol)...But it just kept on a chugggin along on dat ROCK N ROLL RIDE BABY!!!!!! #OzzyOzbourne ....THANK YOU SIR,,,,FOR HELPIN make and SHAPE what ROCK N ROLL IS TO ME TO DIZ DAY!!!!!! All bout da tunezzzz,, Da tude, Da Tubzzzz,,,Da Mood...... EXCELLENT METALISTS SIR!!!!!! #WarPigs to diz day iz still my ALL TIME FAV METAL SONG!!!! RIFF HEAVEN W LYRICS.....NUFF SAID!!! LOL #CrazyTrain #UnderTheGraveyard #Ozzy #Sabbath #NoRestForTheWicked #PrinceOfDarkness #TheDeceiver #SnowBlind #NIB #Paranoid #ChildrenOfTheGrave #FairesWearBoots #WhatARideItsBeen #HolyShit #HolyShizzzznitttt #StaySafeAll #PEACE
Diverse VE
Diverse VE 3 дня назад
One of the greatest bands! They don't make them like this anymore. Too bad, those were the great times and I hope we keep them going.
Gianina Carver
Gianina Carver 3 дня назад
i cant tell what the difference between high on drugs and ozzy osbourne
Lucky13 3 дня назад
Ozzy: I wrote the lyrics about my good friend Bon Scott. Bob Daisley: I wrote the lyrics about Ozzy killing himself with booze.
A_Wodzak Guadalupe
A_Wodzak Guadalupe 3 дня назад
Егорик 3 дня назад
Трезвым смотреш Это шедевр Бухим смотреш Как это знакомо Оззи топ
Hello There
Hello There 3 дня назад
No matter how much you hate metal if you say that the riff at 0:18 isn't good you are just objectively wrong, it's not even subjective anymore 😂 And that's coming from someone who usually hates older songs soooo
dino saur
dino saur 3 дня назад
Love the headdress Ozzy
Connor Sirois
Connor Sirois 3 дня назад