NDG TV 38 минут назад
He looks like the Evil Queen from snow white in this video
selltone 2 часа назад
역바람이 불러서 ..공연에 지장이 많아보이네요..소리를 안고 공연하시니..힘들죠..건반 돈에리?..같기도 한데.. 열심히 팀을 위해서 ..보이는 모습이 눈물겹네요..소리는 그래도 신디(건반)가..마샬앰프보단 ..좋을 것 같습니다.
Infector 1
Infector 1 4 часа назад
Ozzy bit another bats head off and started this covid 19 shit.
Cristian Garau
Cristian Garau 4 часа назад
La linea di basso e grande, grande Ozzy Osbourne, peccato che a quei tempi non venivano apprezzate
JMMcC69 4 часа назад
I used to associate this song with the Dungeons and Dragons module "S2 White Plume Mountain," but now that I've really read the lyrics I realize that it's not about a wizard and a literal mountain, but is actually a metaphor for having a transcendent vision.
Liam Heaney
Liam Heaney 5 часов назад
I always heard and thought randy was a behaved and calm nice dude, but I heard on a article the he got drunk and slept with sharon
Thomas Hanusik
Thomas Hanusik 6 часов назад
I love you Ozzy remember that !
Diana Ailed
Diana Ailed 6 часов назад
Randy rhoads a guitar herooo🤍✨🎸
JL Slade
JL Slade 10 часов назад
jojo reference
Jonathan Crane
Jonathan Crane 13 часов назад
This is an brilliant song and it has been helping me through vert difficult times thanks you ozzy.
Sty Ye
Sty Ye 20 часов назад
Legendario Ozzy el mejor <3 Desde Sudamerica te amamos
Freduric edm
Freduric edm 20 часов назад
What's you talking about Ozzy? You were never an ordinary man ! Astonishing star ✨
Kyle 20 часов назад
Why does it sound so damn familiar? Is there a song that sounds like this lmao I need to know
Kaylah Lara
Kaylah Lara 21 час назад
It's a raid! Oh no, hide everything! I hear them breathing on my telephone I know I'm never alone I've been to places you should never go God's really Satan, and he's waiting for you out there Hideaway, I've been locked up for seven days I'm never coming out Wide awake, I feel my heart accelerate I'm never coming down Mama said, "You can't kill what's already dead" And all the feds are waiting for me somewhere Hideaway, I've been locked up for seven days I'm never coming out Everybody wants me Everybody wants me Outside my window there's a silhouette My rifle's right beside my bed Oh Lord, I'm running out of cigarettes Fuck! Hideaway, I've been locked up for seven days I'm never coming out Wide awake, I feel my heart accelerate I'm never coming down Mama said, "You can't kill what's already dead" And all the feds are waiting for me somewhere Hideaway, I've been locked up for seven days I'm never coming out Everybody wants me Everybody wants me You're missing your fucking head, yeah Everything I am (everything I am) Everything I wanna be (hold on) Everything I am (get louder) Won't you come along with me? (Come with me) Attack (yeah) I wanna see you go fucking animal (like a grade-A psycho) Go fucking crazy, hahaha (woah) Woah, who fuckin' is this? Yeah, I was gonna fuckin' motherfucking It's a raid! Hideaway, I've been locked up for seven days I'm never coming out Wide awake, I feel my heart accelerate I'm never coming down Mama said, "You can't kill what's already dead" And all the feds are waiting for me somewhere Hideaway, I've been locked up for seven days (seven days) I'm never coming out (shit) I see the police, shit! They'll pull up with 50 fuckin' rounds! Fucking judge! Get out and fuckin' run! Run, run, run, run, run, run Attack! It's a raid! Everybody out! Fire! (Raid) Fuck you all!
dynodish 23 часа назад
I hate the person who turned me on to him, just a little. Like I need another obsession. My gawd, this man is incredible.
Tennessee Backwoods
Tennessee Backwoods День назад
Now that’s a proper riot
Wesley Hickmon
Wesley Hickmon День назад
Great song!
DrakeToyo День назад
Like watching this inverted
ozzy you are the best ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡
Joe Famous
Joe Famous День назад
echo mikvol
echo mikvol День назад
tyler hart
tyler hart День назад
The randy rhodes part hits hard. He said in a interview he thinks about him a lot an that he really misses him
Breno Amador
Breno Amador День назад
I love Crazy Train
John Van horn
John Van horn День назад
I love Ozzy.
reivilo День назад
But is he sober now ?
SHADOW День назад
Big Sam
Big Sam День назад
el guitardo
el guitardo День назад
Everything in that performance kicked fucking ass except Ozzy's vocals.
Samuel Varga
Samuel Varga День назад
Daniel Burton
Daniel Burton День назад
lee mandzij
lee mandzij День назад
Drugs have got an ozzy Osborne problem
Steven Naidoo
Steven Naidoo День назад
I am 64 still listing to OZZY
CR15T08AL День назад
R.I.P Randy Roads
Werner Van der Walt
Werner Van der Walt День назад
LOL. Ozzy was sloshed!
vestaosto День назад
Sharon looked so different back then. Of course she was younger, but what I mean is, it's not just age but she almost looks like a totally different person, while Ozzy looks only young. If you know what I mean.
Gekser День назад
Elton and Ozzy sound incredible together. And Slash on the guitar is just iconic. Thank you for this song, legends. Amazing arrangement and emotion.
Berny Alexis Polanco
Berny Alexis Polanco День назад
Black Sabbath never die!!!
Donald Wertz
Donald Wertz День назад
You surely will not!!
Fran Cesco
Fran Cesco День назад
He's not high here .
Game King
Game King День назад
goldi varun
goldi varun День назад
Robert Schulz
Robert Schulz День назад
Anyone else who thought his ass would be naked?
Robert Schulz
Robert Schulz День назад
Florida Grown
Florida Grown День назад
That explains me in every way... I want someone to save me... I need someone to save me cause I'm dying everyday I'm killing myself and haven't found someone to save me.... I left the only one that could
Marcus W
Marcus W День назад
He said, "Don't Know Why I'm Still Alive" Well Ozzy, there's still a lot of people n this world that love u & need u!! I need u, I need ur music!!! Keep it comn! #TheHealingPowerOfMusic
Takezo San
Takezo San День назад
4k dislikes , those those are the same that give thumbs up to WAP
Carlos Chavez
Carlos Chavez 2 дня назад
HIAC Theme many Feuds And Bobby and Roman will retain I'm confident
icedsmoke 2 дня назад
Who the fuck downvotes this?
Ricardo Miño
Ricardo Miño 2 дня назад
Hell in a cell
fire and blood
fire and blood 2 дня назад
Roman Reing 😈
marlon james oden
marlon james oden 2 дня назад
Ozzy is a legend that accompanies us from the generation of the elephants Love you very much
marlon james oden
marlon james oden 2 дня назад
Robert Beadle
Robert Beadle 2 дня назад
Ozzy I'm in a bad place right now and I just want to say YOU'VE always been there for me please pick me up like Jesus has for the past 33yrs. Thanks again from Bobby B. Your BIGGEST fan of ALL TIME that will never end because of an endless price I DON'T have to pay!!!!!!🙏☯️👹☯️😇♾️💔🔥♾️❕❕❕❕❕❕
GonzaXD312 2 дня назад
ozzy no le sabes al chitpost
Jordan 2 дня назад
“Ahhh Lebron”
Victor Leon
Victor Leon 2 дня назад
Ozzy will live forever no the covid is able of kill him
James Ogaard
James Ogaard 2 дня назад
Ozzy : sick guitar solo Me : getting neck damage from head banging too hard to this song
Nicholas Hughes
Nicholas Hughes 2 дня назад
Always loved his music. Seen in concert 3 times on hell of entertainer. Enjoy all of music all the way back to black sabbath day's!
erratu 2 дня назад
I have a feeling like he just post a statue for himself by this album and this song especially
Stephanie Pellechio
Stephanie Pellechio 2 дня назад
Ozzy 4 ever
some random kid some random kid
some random kid some random kid 2 дня назад
This is the real definition of gain and heavy metal
reyna de jesus canthe miss
reyna de jesus canthe miss 2 дня назад
Andrés Vallejo
Andrés Vallejo 2 дня назад
Original song, Lil Jon and Trick Daddy Let's go!!!
Archie Robb
Archie Robb 2 дня назад
Idk why I felt like listening to this song but I like it. It’s been a while since I’ve heard this
Steven Naidoo
Steven Naidoo 2 дня назад
Ozzy is tops
UnSaidBloom 2 дня назад
My grandpa loved Ozzy, this was playing at his funeral
Gen-X-Zeke 8
Gen-X-Zeke 8 2 дня назад
...and 40 years later, once again he's singing about it. *Remember "Road to Nowhere"? Know your Ozzy history or get out of here!!
Gen-X-Zeke 8
Gen-X-Zeke 8 2 дня назад
My philosophy asked me about 'knowing' and if it was a reality. I said, "To a small few but a true master must accept the fact that they must forget more than knowing". He gave me a C+. God rest his soul, LOL **Kidding!!!
Joshking2488 Jkong
Joshking2488 Jkong 2 дня назад
One like = 1❤️For Ozzy Osborn
Bodhisattwa Chanda
Bodhisattwa Chanda 2 дня назад
some songs, some riffs, some solos are fucking Legend... no matter how old... people search for them everyday... this is one of them... Long live Ozzy and Randy...
Ruata 2 дня назад
My girlfriend didnt like this song Now shes single
my heart and actions are utterly unclouded
my heart and actions are utterly unclouded 2 дня назад
Nice, I'm gonna listen to The Wonder of You next
Pit Shants
Pit Shants 2 дня назад
Prince of Darkness preaching light. A kingdom hearts game ender.
Martin P
Martin P 2 дня назад
rolindowndriver 3 дня назад
Man! This guy, even at his age, does not disappoint.
Bp Dobson
Bp Dobson 3 дня назад
Joe Rogan brought me here
Crippled Sanders
Crippled Sanders 3 дня назад
shit still makes me cry
Matt Haggerty
Matt Haggerty 3 дня назад
Sharron eyes skin and bones her ripping flesh off man doesn’t know sons eviler without monarch daughter
Ndjdjcjjdjc 3 дня назад
Music hell in a cell 2021