jessica keen
jessica keen Минуту назад
This song made me cry
J B 20 минут назад
Ozzy still killing it
EVP -experiments-
EVP -experiments- 27 минут назад
enjoy the room
EVP -experiments-
EVP -experiments- 27 минут назад
it's hollow now
EVP -experiments-
EVP -experiments- 28 минут назад
ride my head...
EVP -experiments-
EVP -experiments- 28 минут назад
you got ECT dude...just like my his ride
EVP -experiments-
EVP -experiments- 34 минуты назад
EVP -experiments-
EVP -experiments- 38 минут назад
There is no such thing as an original
EVP -experiments-
EVP -experiments- 43 минуты назад
you just bought her....his favorite trick
EVP -experiments-
EVP -experiments- 44 минуты назад
you haven't claimed 'her'
EVP -experiments-
EVP -experiments- 44 минуты назад
my father will make a day of it once Erik is gone
Tony Salvatelli
Tony Salvatelli 44 минуты назад
John 3:16-21!
EVP -experiments-
EVP -experiments- 45 минут назад
I'm due to be 'used' turn up or not...I'm done here
Joseph Rosenfeld
Joseph Rosenfeld Час назад
This is beautiful.
Cindy Pinnell
Cindy Pinnell 2 часа назад
Thanks for happy endorphins u saved my day
Drew Donaldson
Drew Donaldson 3 часа назад
Ozzy....The only Britt that's a American treasure and national icon
Cthight 3 часа назад
00:00 Oliver!!! HAHAHA
Jessica Velazquez
Jessica Velazquez 4 часа назад
as an ex addict who found the love of my life during the lowest point in my life i can say...Ozzy hit the nail on the head with this one. every on.
Olijoan 6 часов назад
I looove so much, voice & song !! Congratulations Sir Osbourne still a great job!! 👍👍 💓 💓 💓 💓
Matt Davis
Matt Davis 6 часов назад
0:27 IT'S A RAID!!!!!!!!!!!
Paolo Pennetta
Paolo Pennetta 7 часов назад
Molto dravo
Paolo Pennetta
Paolo Pennetta 7 часов назад
Rizz Too
Rizz Too 7 часов назад
Better to wheaties, asia
Kelvin Lee
Kelvin Lee 9 часов назад
Mr.Ozzy and Mr.Zombie are you guy’s ready help win my wife ❤️ get ready ❤️❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕💕
Louie Ward
Louie Ward 9 часов назад
5D Operator
5D Operator 9 часов назад
How does he make his best song(imo) at 70?
Corey Mullins
Corey Mullins 9 часов назад
Thirtyone Wrecking
Thirtyone Wrecking 10 часов назад
I'm thinking Mick Mars driving thru France Yellow Vest protest
Alessandro Luppi
Alessandro Luppi 10 часов назад
Siete i numeri uno indiscussi !!!!
Sharon Riley
Sharon Riley 11 часов назад
But that's how it goes... "
Пименов Евгений
Пименов Евгений 11 часов назад
Sunny Beam
Sunny Beam 12 часов назад
Forever ❤️ Ozzy music 🎶
Ako Ito
Ako Ito 12 часов назад
If Harry Potter never went to Hogwarts
Iván Sin Más
Iván Sin Más 12 часов назад
2:58 cae a la piscina con el hombro izquierdo y entra en la siguiente toma con el derecho,fail
Monroe Charles
Monroe Charles 13 часов назад
Ozzy is the best .
Lydia Nixon
Lydia Nixon 14 часов назад
Love it ♡♡♡
Mary P
Mary P 17 часов назад
I'll never give up on my Brother.....Not Ever! In this Fuked u Crazy Azz Life!!!!!!!
Bill C
Bill C 17 часов назад
Great little vid!
Ross Anderson
Ross Anderson 17 часов назад
Interesting how a song called Ordinary Man features 2 extraordinary men
Styx KazikluBey
Styx KazikluBey 18 часов назад
Ozzy is a legend. It doesn't matter how we turn it he is the first voice of metal ever. Thank you Ozzy for 50 years of entertainment and hopefully many more to come.
Anthony farmer
Anthony farmer 18 часов назад
He is awesome
Anthony farmer
Anthony farmer 18 часов назад
Love you ozzy
heronet 18 часов назад
You turned into what you eat(bat) lol. JK All Love
Rewo See
Rewo See 18 часов назад
lets goat sleeap sa
Rewo See
Rewo See 18 часов назад
gat ya faking awesome pat
Jay Winters
Jay Winters 18 часов назад
Pablo can play a guitar like you wouldn’t believe!!
Kevin Simms
Kevin Simms 20 часов назад
This is an old and my favorite
Macolmedia 21 час назад
The lead guitarist should be right handed right?
Nine k
Nine k 21 час назад
whole life in 5 minutes Live forever Ozzy
Juliano Striker
Juliano Striker 21 час назад
Já fiz isso na minha vida, hoje me libertei, drogas e ilusão, fui salvo, fui abaixo do fundo do poço.. liberto hoje em dia, sexo droga e rock n roll viva pra sempre jovens 🙏🙏🙏
fangorh rimlir
fangorh rimlir 21 час назад
good to see you too ozzy. see you later in heaven.
Kevin McRibs
Kevin McRibs 22 часа назад
Ozzy’s guitarist really went serious with the overdrive.
Vale MPP
Vale MPP 22 часа назад
Brandon S
Brandon S 22 часа назад
One of the top rock drummers of all time!
yhon ardila
yhon ardila 23 часа назад
dross in drugs
Aiden Richmond
Aiden Richmond День назад
This is my favorite song outstanding song ozzy
L9 TURBO INTER День назад
Ricky День назад
This was just a bunch of noise I hate to dislike it. But this was garbage.... go and hate this comment it's okay. Everyone has thier opinion and this made my ears bleed because it was complete shit. Do better.
Ricky День назад
Bad acid trip
Dr. Sheldon Cooper PhD.
Dr. Sheldon Cooper PhD. День назад
May someone please be kind enough to let me know what the sound effect at 00:11 is called?
JuiceJumper 23 часа назад
That’s a vibraslap I think
Dhiego Teixeira
Dhiego Teixeira День назад
Drvonfrankenstein День назад
Parece carlos ballarta
Dmitry Owens
Dmitry Owens День назад
This song has some high notes that are very hard for the majority of male rock singers to hit, as evidenced by Ozzy's struggles here. He killed it on the studio version however - he legendary as a performer, but definitely an underrated singer. Dio couldn't have hit the high notes on the outro section of Sabbath Bloody Sabbath.
Henriquelr7 День назад
Slash on Guitar
colorfulcozy times
colorfulcozy times День назад
I Love you, Ozzy!!!! Thank you for every Song in Your Life and for every Concert in the world!!! 💓🤘✨
Mikkel Morten Rasmussen
Mikkel Morten Rasmussen День назад
Still in Top 3 of Rock tracks thats 100% sure 😍
Robert Cook
Robert Cook День назад
Pam Flippo
Pam Flippo День назад
You will always be a 👑 KING.
Tomas Guzman
Tomas Guzman День назад
It’s a. hit
Htiek Eromezis
Htiek Eromezis День назад
Why didn't make Randy's guitar polka-dotted?
Htiek Eromezis
Htiek Eromezis День назад
Not bad.
Htiek Eromezis
Htiek Eromezis День назад
He can't speak a lick, but man, he can sure still sing!🎼♥️🎸🎶🤘😠🤘🎵
Alpha White Male
Alpha White Male День назад
One person conditioned to rule and control the media sells it, and you live the role... God damn Ozzy. Love u man. Stay strong!!
Seb Da Beast
Seb Da Beast День назад
I don’t get why people like him for
EVP -experiments-
EVP -experiments- День назад
even the morphs are like...dude.... we ain't getting stuck in there with you... blood bath
EVP -experiments-
EVP -experiments- День назад
just....Danes only.... no one else... you'll get morphs
EVP -experiments-
EVP -experiments- День назад
so... one broken down old castle for a broken down old fucker... love that super shed
EVP -experiments-
EVP -experiments- День назад
I own it... you can claim any place you like there fam.... hell wipe your arse on the drapes at Osborne manor
EVP -experiments-
EVP -experiments- День назад
had it as a teen... know what's wrong... why do you think I'm trying to fuck off to a gloomy castle?
EVP -experiments-
EVP -experiments- День назад
just have to manage the 'vit D' and shit....easy to do... dying in the light box room... going sun mad