David Rees
David Rees 52 минуты назад
Ok at 7:03 Ozzy says -“God bless you all” seems wrong lol
367 GVNG
367 GVNG Час назад
Carra Gallo
Carra Gallo 2 часа назад
Lovvvvvee this song 🖤🖤🖤
Tuntor689 3 часа назад
You either are here because TikTok, or that “Oliver” meme
Christophe THOUROT
Christophe THOUROT 3 часа назад
THIS is a fuckin' tune from Ozzy.
Stephen H
Stephen H 4 часа назад
Suspiciously wanting to drink one's self to death while never mentioning why? --Kevin Spacey
Alan Lee
Alan Lee 5 часов назад
That woman that played sharon is fucking awesome.
JayJr 5 часов назад
I’m at home here, in this Blue Dream
Oscar Edgardo Rojas Orellana
Oscar Edgardo Rojas Orellana 6 часов назад
Bello every body
Oscar Edgardo Rojas Orellana
Oscar Edgardo Rojas Orellana 6 часов назад
Ozzy Is gratest
Joe Gotmehballs
Joe Gotmehballs 6 часов назад
Post look like an older bobby from king of the hill
Morgan Dolk
Morgan Dolk 6 часов назад
Välkomna utttttttiiii det friaaaaa
Morgan Dolk
Morgan Dolk 6 часов назад
Vilka seger seger p
AMS official
AMS official 7 часов назад
Hey Ozzy I am a huge fan I have the newest album of yours love every song on it especially this one I love how you have Elton on the back vocals and I was wondering if maybe you would like to do a remix of this song and have me on a verse I am not a huge name not even on the charts I am an underground Christian rapper and usually christian rappers don't work with your kind of artist but I do not care let the people think what they want I just really want to do a remix of this song with you and maybe Elton as well reply to my comment with your thoughts on the remix when you see this if you're not interested I will completely understand but if you are it would be an honor to work with you just let me know
my beauty diane
my beauty diane 8 часов назад
Mrs Osbourne🌸 thankyou for finding and saving Ozzy🌻 that day you are a super hero I wish that every family and home had a Sharon🌹 you are like a angel in this world i love you Mrs Osbourne 🌹🐇ànd Ozzy🐇
Valetino Lagleyze
Valetino Lagleyze 8 часов назад
iori legend
iori legend 9 часов назад
Ozzy eres un Genio
Марина Мезенцева
Марина Мезенцева 9 часов назад
Ну да -- впечатляет
JC Denton
JC Denton 9 часов назад
Wholly fk what a song man 🎶😆
Arizona Dave Ellis
Arizona Dave Ellis 10 часов назад
Remember that first famous line 40 summers ago! 0:00
Momazos Damian Kuc
Momazos Damian Kuc 12 часов назад
0:01 hola pauuuuuuuuuuul jajajaja
somnum 15 часов назад
Who's also here after watching that short bnha animatic?
brad34y5 16 часов назад
I heard this on the radio
brad34y5 16 часов назад
José Marques Jr.
José Marques Jr. 17 часов назад
Love Ozzy since I was 13th. now I am still his fan and Black Sabbath. Just Don't have this last álbum, Gonna Buy, I love the real CD's and or vinyls. Greetings from Brazil and long live ro all of you and Ozzy's Family and Friends,
David Rojas
David Rojas 20 часов назад
All right, lets put Diary on every compilation album, but playin' it live? never!
Lori Holman
Lori Holman 20 часов назад
There is nothing FUCKING ORDINARY about this man. Long Live OZZY
F.A. P.
F.A. P. 22 часа назад
If it wasn't for Sharon, there would be no Ozzy. Thank you Sharon for not letting death take Ozzy way too soon.
saint gaming 17
saint gaming 17 22 часа назад
Ozzy the prince of darkness and Metal 🤘🤘🎸
Richard E. Valois
Richard E. Valois 23 часа назад
Ozzy is the man! He lived all that life offered him and still lives. He lived intensely every day of his youth. He did the right thing, because only death is real. Long live to the Madman! \,,/
Vexun 23 часа назад
The reason this is 8d is crazy AAAAAAAEEEE
bot bot
bot bot 23 часа назад
bot bot
bot bot 23 часа назад
My life and his are almost so much alike
Alan Lee
Alan Lee 5 часов назад
You think?
Jake Bissell
Jake Bissell 23 часа назад
Even sitting down Ozzy is still a badass.
brian ellis
brian ellis День назад
If my math is right Ozzie’s been making music for over 50 years
Alan Lee
Alan Lee 5 часов назад
Nereo Sosa
Nereo Sosa День назад
what a time to be alive
chris jennings
chris jennings День назад
i wish i could stop living this lie.. i just dont have the time to go about it. i have things to do.. im not ozzy. i cant lay up in beverly hills in rehab and let life pass me by. i. have. shit. to. do. i guess im just not sure what to do.
Alan Lee
Alan Lee 5 часов назад
You're not sure what to do?
chris jennings
chris jennings День назад
sharon osbourne is a fucking angel, for real. how.. what.. i mean.. i need a girl like you, girl. "i knew nobody else cared, nobody gave a shit, i wasn't gonna let him give up on himself"
WhyAmNoob День назад
Colosum Tador
Colosum Tador День назад
J aime trop les dernière note musical à la fin du clip ozzy🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶
Colosum Tador
Colosum Tador День назад
Isaac Blanks
Isaac Blanks День назад
My battery:1% Me: Clicks song Mybattery: I'll wait
Marduk Gaming
Marduk Gaming День назад
Casscia День назад
Love this song 🎵❤ 💕♥
Luana Fernando
Luana Fernando День назад
Amooooo bom demais
Liam Running
Liam Running День назад
Hey post Malone I like your song sunflower
Khaleesi show
Khaleesi show День назад
When I’m listening to the song it kind of sounds like. h4je saying $fjhcgdhuczfj=has
guard1hhh21 День назад
Ogni volta che rivedo questo video di Ozzy mi piscio dalle risate ahahah
Copi Quinn
Copi Quinn День назад
The SCULL of DEATH День назад
She is one of a kind. There is no more women like her. Any other women will send you to hell in a second. But she went in for the long haul just like a real marriage was back in the days.
Alfred День назад
Mola más linkin park
Marcia Holloway
Marcia Holloway День назад
Ozzy❗❗ Tears filled my eyes whenever my kids sang this back to me❗ I call that Raising Them RIGHT❗💯💯
McNabbulous День назад
Whenever this song plays in my car, I automatically go 40 mph more on the road
Sussy B. Tomatus 🍅
Sussy B. Tomatus 🍅 День назад
Olive oil
Douglas Blair
Douglas Blair День назад
Sir. Hello @Ozzy. I'm @GYD. That's @GraveYardDoug. Commonly referred to as, Brother Graveyard. Or just, Graveyard. Know this tune is not bout me. But still has so much truth. As you always do, Sir.
Jim Macdonald
Jim Macdonald День назад
Growing up I ate tortillas heated up on the stove and then paved with butter and rolled up and eaten. My favourite food is mexican food. So I am very much a Latino. I could care less if people hate me. I am hated worse than blacks and have cool street cred.
Jim Macdonald
Jim Macdonald День назад
I know I am no one's friend. I don't get the blacks. I tell them I am a Mexican and I am not lying.
Jim Macdonald
Jim Macdonald День назад
The debauchery of it all. When I was young I drank smoked and did drugs. These days I just sleep all day and watch RUlosk videos.
Alan Lee
Alan Lee 5 часов назад
Mark Moffett
Mark Moffett День назад
We'll make our own dome inside of a dome
brandon ables
brandon ables 2 дня назад
Was a great one a year ago on bio
Jason Phillips
Jason Phillips 2 дня назад
U fuckin rock ozzy I can relate alot to ur music
Aran Cunningham
Aran Cunningham 2 дня назад
When I was little I used to confuse Ozzy Osbourne with Olly Murs. Two DRASTICALLY different people🤦😂
yyrgx hernandez
yyrgx hernandez 2 дня назад
anything but ordinary, long live Ozzy, long live heavy metal! 🤘
Texas Red
Texas Red 2 дня назад
2nd season of death note?
Olav Kvålseth
Olav Kvålseth 2 дня назад
this is a long time before he was a joke
Rolando Flores
Rolando Flores 2 дня назад
Jack Kilmer born to be a rockstar roles, he is in Lord of chaos too.🤘
Sasuke Uchiha
Sasuke Uchiha 2 дня назад
" I don't know who all these people are in my house .. maybe they work for me" - ozyy The Osbournes.
Diane B
Diane B 2 дня назад
The two men who are the furthest from ordinary sing this song. 💜💜
Коди - это кот
Коди - это кот 2 дня назад
Post Malone let ozzy drive 😔 wut a bro
#ЗавдякиТобі 2 дня назад
Дякую, що ви є на цій Землі. Ви неймовірний.
Daniel Nilsson
Daniel Nilsson 2 дня назад
Ozzy deserves to get knighted just as Elton.
Richard McFly
Richard McFly 2 дня назад
This song made me bought an electric guitar, then I noticed that I don't had musical talent :'D
Lacey Steele
Lacey Steele 2 дня назад
animated lmao
Марина Мезенцева
Марина Мезенцева 2 дня назад
Добрый вечер. Без слов этот великий музыкант,король тьмы и рока. Всех благ заме чательной семье этого великого ,талантливого человека.
MaGiiC 2 дня назад
When i hear this all the kid feelings coming back💥
Marcos Paulo Borges
Marcos Paulo Borges 2 дня назад
mr. niko gaming
mr. niko gaming 2 дня назад
the guy in this part I feel he is actin as though he is so cool by being some guard guy 4:43
hawkboy1792 2 дня назад
Tony Robles
Tony Robles 2 дня назад
EyeShotFirst 2 дня назад
Tough gig for a guitarist to come in and follow a guy like Randy. I think Jake is an absolute monster of a guitarist for that reason.